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Puppies: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How Do Puppies Develop from Birth to 12 Weeks?
This article explains puppy emotional and physical development week by week from a newborn puppy at birth until 12 weeks of age.
10 Tips to Stopping Your Poop-Eating Puppies
Most new owners are delighted by puppy antics but puppies eating poop prompts anything but smiles. Here are reasons why and what you can do about it.
Wondering When Your Puppy Gets His Adult Teeth?
Read this article to learn about puppy teeth and puppy teething. This article about puppy teeth explains when puppy teeth fall out and adult dog teeth come in.
How Puppies Develop from 10 Weeks to 2 Years
Read this article on stages of puppy development to learn how puppies mature from twelve weeks to two years of age.
Why Bloat Can Kill Your Puppy and What to Do
Learn how to recognize bloat in puppies and what dogs are at greatest risk for gastric dilation volvulus (GVD). This article explains the symptoms, treatment, and ways to prevent and reduce the risk of bloat in puppies.
What to Do if Your Puppy Gets Diarrhea
Learn about puppies with diarrhea, why puppy diarrhea is so dangerous and how to treat dog diarrhea in this article by Puppies Expert Amy Shojai.
Why Puppies Vomit and How to Treat Your Sick...
Learn why puppies vomit and how to treat sick puppies in this article about puppy vomiting and treatment for vomiting.
Scientists Identified A Surprising Reason for...
Learn what constitutes normal puppy panting, why your puppy pants and causes for your puppy breathing fast in this article about puppy panting. This article explains dog panting, and why excessive panting in dogs can be a problem.
How To Potty Train Your Puppy in 8 Easy Steps
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10 Ways to Curb Your Bark-aholic Puppy's Barking
Read this article about why puppies bark, how to teach your puppy barking limits, and 10 tips to stop the noise.
Protecting Your Puppy from Parvovirus
Read this article about canine parvovirus to learn about transmission of the disease, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of puppy parvo.
Rescue Matters: What You Need to Know About...
Learn how to prepare for purebred puppy rescue adoptions in this personal experience article by Leslie H. Nicoll, PhD, MBA, RN.
9 Things You Can Do When Your Puppy Refuses to...
Learn the causes and cures of puppy anorexia and how to stimulate a dog's appetite when your puppy refuses to eat.
What's the Right Feeding Schedule for Puppies?
Find the answers to your puppy feeding schedule, how often to feed puppy food, and what to feed, which depends on the individual puppy, its breed, size, and age.
Get Rid of Your Pets' Ear Mites With These...
Learn how to treat ear mites in 10 easy steps with these natural remedies for puppy ear mites.
Can My Puppy Be A Therapy Dog? What's Involved
Learn about therapy dog training and what's required to be a therapy dog in this article about therapy dogs. Read this article by puppies.About.com guide Amy Shojai to learn what's required for your puppy to become a therapy dog.
Pet Food Categories: Choosing the Best Food for...
Learn about different types of foods, and what to look for when choosing the best puppy food for feeding your puppy.
What to Do When Your Puppy Swallows a Foreign...
Learn about swallowed foreign objects and puppies in this article about symptoms and treatment of swallowed objects. This article explains first aid tips for puppy swallowed objects, and what to do if your puppy swallows dangerous objects like coins, string or sharp objects.
How To Choose A Perfect Name For Your New Puppy
Learn the do's and don'ts for choosing the best name for your new puppy. Read these tips to find out how purebred puppies are named and how to select the ideal dog name for puppies.
Identifying, Treating and Preventing Kennel...
Read this article about dog kennel cough in puppies to learn about kennel cough symptoms, home remedies treatments and prevention.
The 4 Ways Puppies Play
Learn the 4 major kinds of puppy play, and how to recognize and stop inappropriate play.
What's the Best Age to Spay or Neuter Your Puppy?
Refer to this spaying and neutering article to understand how puppies are sterilized, why they should be neutered, and when is the best time to spay and neuter your puppy.
A Deep Itch: Understanding Ear Mites
This article explains what are ear mites and describes ear mites in puppies. Learn about the life cycle of ear mites, symptoms of ear mites, and what to do about them in this article about ear mites in puppies.
When It Hurts to Go: Natural Remedies for Puppy...
Learn about causes of puppy constipation symptoms and natural home treatment in this article about what to do if your dog is constipated.
Know these 9 Signs And 4 First Aid Tips for Low...
Learn about low blood sugar in puppies, in this article about hypoglycemia in puppies. This article describes what are low blood sugar symptoms in puppies, and first aid for puppy hypoglycemia.
He Ate What?! 6 Steps to Making Your Puppy Vomit
Learn how to make puppies vomit and when you should NOT make a puppy throw up in this article about how to induce vomiting. This article explains why you should induce vomiting and how to make your puppy throw up.
What Shots Does Your Puppy Need -- When, Why...
Learn about puppy vaccinations, puppy shots and the recommended puppy vaccination schedule in this article. Refer to this puppies.About.com article by puppies expert Amy Shojai to learn about puppy immunity and why puppies need protective vaccinations.
How to Introduce Your New Puppy to an Older Dog
Read this article to learn why introducing a new puppy to dogs is important when bringing a puppy home. Refer to puppies.About.com expert Amy Shojai's how-to advice for introducing your new puppy to resident dogs when bringing a puppy home.
What to Do When Your Puppy Treats You Like a...
Learn why puppies bite and how to stop puppy biting by teaching bite inhibition in puppies.
Best Tips for How to Make Your Puppy Flea-Free
Read this article to understand flea life cycle and how to control, prevent and treat fleas on your puppy.
The Naked Truth About Puppy Ringworm: Expert...
Learn about ringworm in puppies. This article describes ringworm symptoms, ringworm treatment for dogs, and how puppies get ringworm.
Mixing It Up: What's A Designer Dog vs Mutt,...
Learn the difference between mixed breed dogs, designer dogs and hybrid dogs in this article from puppies.About.com Expert Amy Shojai.
How to Recognize Puppy Dehydration and Get Help
Learn about puppy dehydration in this article that describes symptoms and causes of dehydration in puppies and how to treat it.
9 Taste Treats for Puppies--From YOUR Table
Learn how to offer healthy puppy treats with people food for puppies in this article about safe table scraps for puppies. This article suggests ways to safely offer puppy treats from your table using people food for puppies.
What Are Dog Breeds and How Do They Develop?
Learn about dog breeds, and what is a dog breed and purebred dog in this article explaining how dog breeds develop.
Sweet Poison! What to Do if Your Puppy Eats...
Read this article about puppies and chocolate poisoning to learn what happens when dogs eat chocolate. Learn about signs of chocolate poisoning and what to do if a dog eats chocolate with these first aid tips.
ComPETability: How To Pick A 2nd Dog
Refer to this puppies.About.com article about dog and dog compatibility and how to chose your 2nd dog. This article by puppies guide Amy Shojai explains how to choose a new puppy based on how he'll fit into your pet household. Read how to choose compatible pups that your resident dogs, cats or other pets will most easily accept.
Learn How to Recogize, Prevent and Treat...
Read this article learn about the signs, treatment and prevention of canine distemper in puppies and dogs.
Keep Your Puppy Safe from 7 Common Diseases and...
Learn how to recognize, prevent and treat the most common puppy diseases and conditions including parvo, distemper, puppy vomiting, puppy diarrhea, fleas and ticks.
5 Vital Questions to Ask Puppy Breeders Before...
Read this article about dog breeder questions to ask, and how to recognize buyer beware signs about dog breeders. This puppies.About.com article by puppies expert Amy Shojai lists warning signs and questions to ask dog breeders before you buy your puppy.
Say What? The 7 Ways Your Puppy Talks to You
Read this article about dog body language and puppy language to learn about dog communications. Learn how dogs communicate in this puppy language article about silent dog body language.
Decoding Your Puppy's Whines, Whimpers and Barks
Learn why do puppies whine in this article about crying puppies, barking and puppy sounds to learn about dogs communication and puppy vocal language.
Cutting the Chase: How to Train Puppies to NOT...
Learn why dogs chase cats and how to stop your puppy or dog from chasing cats in this step by step how-to training article.
How to Leash Train Your New Puppy
Learn how to leash train puppies with these 14 easy steps to training puppies.
Puppy Won't Stop Chewing? 8 Training Tips That...
Read these 8 puppy training tips to stop puppy chewing. Learn why puppies chew and how to redirect normal puppy chewing behavior.
Puppy Tapeworms: How to Deal With This Nasty...
Learn about puppies with tapeworms in this article that describes tapeworm symptoms and how tapeworms are transmitted. This article explains how puppies get tapeworms, tapeworm symptoms, how tapeworms reproduce and how to prevent puppy tapeworms.
Recognize These 4 Kinds of Puppy Ear Infections
Learn about puppy ear infections in this article that describes dog ear infection and treatment. This article explains what signs to watch for, and the various kinds of ear infections, as well as ways to prevent puppy ear infections.
How to Clearly Communicate with Your Puppy
Learn how to talk to a dog in this article about effective dog communication. Understand puppy communication, body language, vocalization and calming signals to learn ways to talk to a dog in this article about dog communication.
5 Cold Weather Safety Tips for Your Puppy
Learn how to acclimate your puppy to cooler weather and keep him safe with these 5 cold winter weather safety tips.
Can Your Kids Catch Puppy Scabies?
Learn about sarcoptic mange in this article about the signs and treatment of puppy mange and canine scabies. This article explains what is mange, how puppies get scabies from sarcoptic mites and how to deal with puppy mange.
Treat Your Puppy's Hot Spots with These 7 Home...
Puppies and dogs develop painful hot spots, and this article explains why they get them, and how to treat with home remedies and dog first aid for hot spots.
When Baby Won't Sleep: 8 Tips to Curing Puppy...
Learn about treatment for insomnia in this article about helping puppies sleep. This article offers tips for natural remedies for insomnia for your puppy.
SKUNK! Try These 3 Effective Home Remedies for...
Read this article to learn how to remove skunk smell from puppies sprayed by a skunk using three easy to use home remedies. Learn about why skunks stink, and why puppies get sprayed in this article about how to remove skunk smell from your pets.
Crate Expectations: 5 Must KnowTips for Crate...
Read why you should crate train puppies, how to choose the ideal crate, and 5 easy steps to crate training puppies.
Do You Speak Dog? Here's How to Decipher Your...
Learn how dogs communicate using dog language in this article about understanding dog talk. Read about canine communication in this article by puppies.About.com guide Amy Shojai on understanding puppy talk and adult dog talk. Refer to this article about the ways dogs talk to each other to understand how your puppy talks to you and other animals with sight, sound, smells and body language.
Puppy Strangles: What It Is and What You Can Do
Learn to recognize the symptoms and causes of puppy strangles disease in this article about juvenile cellulitis and canine pyoderma.
6 Tips To Calm Your Pooch's Car Angst
Refer to this article for 6 puppy car ride tips to ease your puppy travel fears in this article about pet travel with puppies. Learn how to ease pet travel fears in this puppies.About.com article by puppy guide Amy Shojai.
What You Need to Know About Coccidia and Your...
Learn what is coccidia in this article that explains the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of coccidia in puppies and how to prevent coccidia in dogs.
Puppy Seizures? What Are They and What Can You...
Learn about puppy seizures in this article that explains the signs of canine epilepsy and what you can do for dogs with seizures.
13 Steps to Giving Your Puppy a Bath
Read this 13-step how-to article to learn how to bathe a puppy.
4 Common Mistakes and 8 Great Tips to Train...
Learn how to train a puppy to come by referring to this puppy training article on training recall. Read 8 tips for how to train puppies to come from puppies guide Amy Shojai in this puppy training article.
Puppy Ate My Plant--Is It Poison? Here's First...
This how-to article lists top puppy toxic plants, the symptoms of poisoning, and first aid for poisonous plants to save your puppy's life.
7 Top Questions to Ask Before You Buy or Adopt...
Refer to this buying a puppy article to answer 7 questions before you buy or adopt a puppy. Learn 7 important questions to consider before you buy or adopt a puppy in this buying a puppy guide.
Learn About This Invisible Parasite That Causes...
This article explains giardia in puppies. Learn about giardia symptoms, treatment for giardia and how puppies get the disease in this article about canine giardia.
My Puppy Vomited Spaghetti Worms! What to Do...
Learn about symptoms and treatment of roundworms, how dogs get roundworms, and why it's important to treat puppies to protect children from this parasite.
Diggidy Dog? 10 Tips to Stop the Excavations
Read this article about puppy digging to learn why puppies dig and how to stop the behavior. This article from Puppies Guide Amy Shojai provides 10 ways to stop dogs digging.
Is it Doggy Dominance? The Science Behind...
Learn to recognize and solve puppy conflict aggression, formerly called dominance aggression, in this article about dominance aggression in dogs. Use these 7 training tips to resolve conflict aggressive in your pup.
Think He Has A Fever? Here's How to Take Your...
Learn what is normal puppy temperature, what causes puppy fever or low body temperature, and how to take your puppy's temperature.
The Right Way to Clean a Puppy's Teeth
Read this article to learn how to brush puppies teeth. Learn how to clean dogs teeth in this article about brushing dogs teeth and puppy home dental care. Teach your puppy to like teeth brushing in this article about easy tips to brush puppies teeth.
Why Is My Puppy Going Bald?
Learn about the symptoms and treatment of demodex mites and how demodectic mange affects your puppy. This article explains what is red mange, and why puppies are affected by demodectic mange.
When The Fur Flies, Dealing With Puppy Shedding...
Learn about how and why dogs shed, difference in coat types, and how to keep the fur from flying. This article explains why low shedding dogs are different, and how shedding can cause problems with mats and dog hot spots.
The Bugs Among Us: What Parasites Affect...
Learn how to recognize, prevent and treat puppy parasites in these articles about fleas, ticks, mange, and fungus and worms.
Breeder Profile: Fernheim German Shepherds and...
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Puppy Meets Baby: 12 Tips for Successful...
Learn why proper introductions of dogs and babies is important by reading this step by step article explaining the best way to safely introduce your puppy and babies.
6 Questions Breeders Should Answer Before You...
Find out what questions to ask dog breeders before buying your puppy. Learn how to screen dog breeders and identify good responsible puppy breeders and avoid potential problems before you bring your new puppy home.
8 Tips for Soothing Itchy Pupppies
Learn about atopy and dog skin allergies in this article about itching in dogs. This article explains canine atopic dermatitis symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of puppy skin allergies and itching in dogs. Home care tips for soothing your puppy's skin allergies are including in this article about dog skin allergies.
Calming Signals: 14 Ways Dogs Keep the Peace
Read this dog communication article about how dogs calm each other down using canine calming signals.
9 Kinds of Puppy Aggression and What To Do...
Learn about 9 kinds of aggression in this round up of articles about the aggressive puppy. These 9 articles explain the signs of aggression and how to manage and treat aggressive puppy behavior.
Gnawing, Chewing, Biting & Bad Breath: What...
Learn about puppy teeth and dog dental care in these articles.They explain teething timeline and include how to brush dog teeth.
The Right Way to Clip Your Puppy's Nails
Learn why clipping dog nails is important and how to trim puppy nails in this article on puppy grooming and proper dog claw care.
How Docked Tails "Cut Off" Doggy Communication
Read this article about puppy tail docking to learn what's involved in tail docking surgery. Learn about why dog tail docking exists and how it's done to decide if puppy tail docking should be performed on your puppy.
Life Saving Acupuncture Resuscitation Saves Pet...
Learn about dog first aid techniques, puppy rescue breathing, and acupuncture resuscitation to save your puppy's life.
How to Treat Your Pet's Abscess At Home
Learn about what causes puppy abscess and signs of abscess in this article about abscess in dogs. This article explains how to identify dog abscess, how to treat abscesses and what your veterinarian will do to treat your puppy's abscess.
Don't Leave Me! Tip Tips for Soothing Puppy...
Learn about puppy separation anxiety and how to relieve your puppy's separation behaviors in this article. This article explains puppy separation anxiety, common dog separation behaviors, and provides tips how to relieve upset puppy feelings when your puppy is left alone.
5 Tests That Can Help Predict Your Puppy's...
Learn how to predict a puppy's personality with these five tests best performed between seven and ten weeks of age.
Can Puppies Have Hip Dysplasia?
This article explains hip dysplasia in puppies, how it is diagnosed as well as what medical management options can help puppies with hip dysplasia.
How to Treat 5 Kind of Puppy Allergies
Learn how to treat your allergies to your puppy as well as your dog's itchy skin with these articles about flea allergy, atopy and dog skin allergies, contact allergies and puppy food allergies.
12 Ways Puppies Show Us Love
Read this article about puppy love to to find out 12 ways puppies show love to owners and other dogs and pets.
What Age Should Your Puppy Get His Rabies...
Learn about rabies laws and what age different states require for puppy rabies vaccination administration. This article lists state-by-state age requirements for first puppy rabies vaccinations.
10 Vital Ways to Puppy Proof Your Home
Learn how to puppy proof your home and yard and keep puppies safe with these 10 puppy proofing tips from puppies.About.com expert Amy Shojai.
Poisonous Foods for Puppies
Learn what poisonous foods for puppies to avoid when you treat puppies with people food. This article explains what people foods are poisonous for puppies, and the warning signs to get emergency veterinary help.
Cropping Ears: Is It A Humane Choice for Your...
Learn what's involved in cropping puppy ears in this article about dog ear cropping. This article explains what's involved and the ethical question of cropping puppy ears.
Does Your Puppy Love Watching Color TV? Science...
Learn about puppy eyes, and what dogs see in this article about dog vision. This article explains puppy vision, how dogs see, and can dogs see in color.
The Best Way to Introduce Your Puppy to...
This article explains how to introduce puppies and toddlers. Learn about introducing a new puppy and children in this article about puppies and kids. Safety tips and behavior advice helps ease introducing a new puppy and children in this article about puppies and kids.
Fearful Puppy? How to Give Him Courage
Read this article about scared puppies to learn what puppy fear looks like and what you can do. Learn why your scared puppy acts like a fearful dog in this article about fear.
The Top 10 Tips for Socializing Your Puppy
Read this article about socializing puppies to learn why it's important and 10 easy ways how to socialize a puppy.
Pet Products RECALL! What You Need to Know to...
Read this dog treat recalls list and pet food recalls to stay up to date about the latest pet product recalls that affects puppies and dogs. Find out why recalls happen, how to identify recalled pet products, and what you should do if your puppy's food, medicine or other product has been recalled.
Out Darn Spot! Solutions for Cleaning Puppy...
Learn why cleaning puppy urine is difficult and the proper way to eliminate potty stains from puppy bathroom accidents.
Puppy Behavior Problems? Find a Solution With...
Learn about common canine behavior problems and how to solve them with these articles about puppy nipping, puppies chewing, and puppies barking. Solve common puppy behavior problems with these articles that explain why puppy eats poop, how to stop puppy jumping up, and how to deal with puppy digging, fireworks fears and thunderstorm fears.
Know the Signs of Rabies Vaccination Reaction...
Learn the signs of a rabies vaccine reaction in this guest article by Caryl Wolff. This article explains what is a rabies vaccination reaction and how to recognize side effects from your puppy's rabies shot.
7 Ways to Relieve Puppy Boredom -- And...
Learn about bored puppy behavior, how to relieve dog boredom, why puppies get bored and tips to relieve boredom and destructive behaviors.
Paws Up! Is The Boxer My Perfect Puppy Pick?
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What's The Big Hairy Deal? Learn About Puppy Fur
Learn about puppy fur, types of puppy hairs, dog whiskers, and how puppy fur grows in this article about your puppy's coat. This article explains the types of puppy hair that makes up puppy fur, and how it grows and is shed in this article by puppies.About.com Puppies Expert Amy Shojai.
How to Perform A Puppy Heimlich and Choking...
This article explains choking first aid for puppies. Learn about the signs of dogs choking and how to perform the Heimlich maneuver with these tips about how to help a choking puppy.
Puppy Aggression: Why Dogs Fight and How to...
Read this article about status related aggression to learn how to deal with puppy aggression. This article explains why adolescent puppies fight with adult dogs, and what you can do to stop puppies fighting.
The Heartbreak of Canine Heartworm Disease:...
Learn about canine heartworm, heartworm treatment and prevention, and how the disease affects puppies in this article about dog heartworms. This article explains the heartworm life cycle, how to prevent heartworm in puppies, and how the disease is treated.
Puppies and Hookworms, A Deadly Combination
Learn about the symptoms and treatment of puppy hookworms, how puppies get hook worm, what symptoms to watch for, and how to prevent hookworm in dogs.
The Cocky Cocker Spaniel: Is This Your Dream...
Learn about the basics of care, size, attitude, training, health issues and more in this description of the Cocker breed.
10 Expert Tips to Ground Jumping Jack Puppies
Puppies jumping up and mouthing people can be dangerous and hard to control, so refer to these 10 tips from expert trainers to stop hard-case puppy jumping.
12 Puppy Skin Problems and What You Can Do
Learn about puppies and skin problems in these articles about skin problems in dogs. These articles describe the causes and treatments for different dog skin problems in puppies.
Learn About Ticks Life Cycle, Prevention and...
Learn about tick life cycle, tick diseases, and removing and preventing ticks on your puppies.
7 How-To Steps to Clicker Training Puppies
Refer to this clicker training article to learn what is clicker training, how it works, and how to clicker train puppies in 7 easy steps.
Successful Modern Puppy Training Techniques
Refer to this article for puppy training techniques, comparing old fashioned to modern dog training science. Learn about how to handle new puppy training with modern training methods in this article about puppy training techniques.
Alphabetical List of Puppy Breeds: Alaskan...
Are you looking for a new friend this year? Perhaps you're ready to do your research and find your perfect
Puppy Ear Grooming: How To Safely Clean Puppy...
Learn about cleaning puppy ears in this article about grooming your puppies' ears. This article explains what's involved in ear grooming and how to clean a dogs ears.
Herding Gone Wrong: When Dogs Chase Cars and 5...
Learn why puppies chase cars, bicycles and cats and how to stop the chase. This article explains puppy chasing and how to deal with inappropriate dog chasing behavior.
6 DIY Cures for Canine Car Sickness
Read this article to learn how to prevent and soothe car sickness and motion sickness in puppies and dogs.
OUCH! How Puppies Show Pain and What You Can Do...
Learn the signs of puppy pain and how you can provide pain relief in this article about pet pain management.
Can My Puppy Get Cataracts?
Learn about cataracts in dogs and what dog breeds are most often affected. This article discusses congenital cataracts and juvenile cataracts in puppies.
How is Leg Lifting Different Than Potty...
Learn why dogs urine mark and when do puppies lift legs to pee, and what dogs learn from sniffing scent communication left by urine.
11 Puppy Food Articles: What and When To Feed,...
Read these articles to learn about choosing puppy food, reading puppy food labels, how pet food is tested, and how much to feed. These articles address best puppy food choices, what people food for puppies is safe or dangerous, and nutrigenomic diets for improving puppy health.
10 Tips for Living With Your Blind Puppy
Learn how to care for your blind puppy in this article that offers 10 tips for living with a blind puppy.
Alphabetical Puppy Breed List: Basenji to Bull...
When you're searching for that new puppy, it can be hard to sift through the more than 400 breeds. To
The Smart Way to Teach Puppies to "Wait"
Learn how to teach a puppy to wait and stay to prevent your puppy from becoming a door-dasher, injuring others or hurting herself.
Surprising Reasons Puppies & Dogs Eat Grass
Learn about why puppies eat grass in this article about dogs eating grass. This article explains what's happening when dogs eat grass and if it's normal and when to call the veterinarian about grass eating and vomiting.
10 Messages Puppy Tails Tell You
Read this puppies article about dog language and what tail wagging means to learn how to speak dog. Tail wagging is part of puppy dog communication, and these tips help owners understand tail wagging dog language.
5 Tips for Creating Cute Puppy Pictures
Refer to these 5 puppy photo tips to learn how to take cute puppy pictures. These 5 tips explain how to take pictures and provide easy rules for taking cute puppy pictures.
7 Steps to Grounding Your Jumping Jack Pup
Learn why puppies jump up and seven steps for how to stop a puppy from jumping in this article about puppy jumping and training.
9 Tips to Prevent Dog Bites and Keep Kids Safe
Read this article about dog bites, how to prevent dog bites, and child safety around puppies and dogs. Learn how to prevent dog bites and what to teach children about safety with these 9 tips for preventing dog bites.
LOST PUPPY! 6 Tips to Find Your Missing Pet
Read this article about lost dogs to learn 6 tips how to find a lost puppy. This article explains what to do about a missing pet and how to find lost pets.
Why Puppies Wet to Greet You and 8 Ways to Keep...
This article explains dog wetting and puppy submissive urination and how to deal with canine submissive urination. Learn how to stop your puppy's submissive urination with these tips for dealing with dog excitement urination.
Learn the RIGHT Way to Give Puppies As Gifts...
Read this article about how to give puppies as gifts to learn what questions to ask before giving puppy gifts. Learn 4 thoughtful steps to giving puppies as gifts in this article about how to give puppies as gifts.
Fighting Mad over Fat Puppies: What You Need to...
Read this article to learn how to recognize a fat puppy and what you can do to prevent puppy obesity. Learn why obesity in dogs can cause health problems, and how a fat puppy can turn into a fat dog by reading this article about puppy obesity.
Why Is Puppy Limping? Could Be Lyme Disease--Wh...
Learn how to protect your puppy from Lyme Disease in this article that describes canine Lyme disease symptoms, treatment and prevention.
Broken Heart:: What Heart Diseases Affect...
Learn about congenital heart disease in puppies in this article that explains how pulmonic stenosis, patent ductus arteriosis and other puppy heart conditions are treated.
What Should I Look For When Adopting a Puppy?
The less time and money that you have to devote to training, the more you need to choose a puppy thoughtfully. Think with your head instead of your heart.
Canine Coronavirus: Symptoms, Diagnosis,...
Learn about the signs, treatment, and prevention of Canine Coronavirus in this article. Find out what is canine coronavirus and how to protect your puppy from infection.
Save Your Puppy with These First Aid Tips for...
Learn about puppies and electrical shock in this article about the symptoms and first aid if your puppy chews through an electrical cord. Read this article about electric shock first aid for dogs, and how to recognize and prevent shock dangers for your puppies.
How to Treat Animal Bites: 11 First Aid Tips to...
This puppy first aid article explains how to treat bite wounds. Learn how to give pet first aid for animal bites in this article about caring for puppies.
Mad Dog! How to Keep Your Puppy Safe
Learn about rabies and how to protect your puppy in this article about how the virus is spread. This article explains rabies symptoms and prevention, and how you can protect your dogs and puppies from this deadly illness.
How To Establish A "New Puppy" Routine That...
Refer to this article on creating a puppy routine and rules for humans when training puppies. Learn why puppies become confused if humans don't use consistent rules and routines.
Breeder Profile: Beachfront Goldens and Hannah...
Read this breeder profile about Hannah Davis of Beachfront Goldens to find out how she views the perfect Golden Retriever puppy and its home. This breeder profile describes Golden Retriever breeder Hannah Davis's program at Beachfront Goldens.
Versatile Herder: Is the Aussie Puppy Right for...
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7 Steps to Train Puppies to Lay Down
This article helps owners learn how to train a puppy to lay down. Learn how to teach your puppy to lay down, and how this command can calm your puppy. Refer to this article about teaching a dog to lay down to learn why this command is important for dog owners to train.
Puppy Training: 15 Steps to Teach A Reliable...
Refer to this article for tips on training your puppy to sit and stay. Learn how to teach puppies to sit and stay with these 15 steps.
How to Treat Your Puppy's Food Allergies
This article provides information about puppy food allergies, dog food allergy symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.
9 Fun Ways To Turn Your Hot Dog Into A Cool Pup
Learn how to keep puppies and dogs cool with these 9 easy inexpensive safety tips about summer fun.
Lassie Love? Is the Collie Puppy My Perfect Pet...
Learn about the basics of care, size, attitude, training, health issues and more in this description of the Collie breed.
Dangerous Dogs and Banned breeds: Legal...
Learn about the legal definition of a dangerous dog in this article that examines how to identify dangerous dogs.
How to Choose Your Puppy's Training Equipment...
Find out what kind of collar, halter and leash is best when buying puppy training equipment. Learn how to properly fit dog collars and what are dangerous training tools to avoid with puppies.

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