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Puppy antics bring great joy. But that turns to frustration when misunderstandings develop about normal and "problem" behaviors. Most of my email cries for "help" arise from puppy behavior and training issues.

Learn more here about how to solve the most common puppy behavior problems. Check out the fun canine communication section that translates "puppy talk" and teaches you how to talk-like-a-dog in training to prevent or solve behavior problems and train your pup to be the furry love of your life.

  1. Canine Communication
  2. Behavior Problems
  3. Training Basics

Canine Communication

Puppies "talk" with more than their woofs and wags. These articles translate puppy vocalizations, body language, and smell communication. They also explain ways puppies use "calming signals" to keep the peace, and how owners can "talk dog" to bridge the communication gap.

Behavior Problems

Often what a new puppy owner considers to be a behavior problem can be normal for the fur-kid. Junior-Pooch doesn't mean to be bad, but just can't help being a dog! These articles explain some of the most common behavior complaints, the reasons behind the behaviors, and offers easy training tips to prevent and resolve these issues.

Training Basics

Your fur-kid may get away with rude behavior while she's a puppy. But a grown-up dog loses the cute-factor. Adult size "accidents" in the house are unsanitary while door-dashing can become a life and death issue. These articles help you teach your puppy basic manners that can keep her safe and ensure she's a welcome family member and guest when you travel.

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