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SturdiBag Flexible Height Pet Carrier

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SturdiBag Flexible Height Pet Carrier

The large size can fit more than one small puppy.

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The Bottom Line

For puppy owners, the SturdiBag Flexible Height PetCarrier is an excellent choice for safe, comfortable travel to-and-from the vet, as well as in-cabin airline-approved travel. Also works great as a puppy bed, for crate training, or as an over-the-shoulder pet-tote.



  • Machine washable (vital for new pups!)
  • Padded fleece cushion for soothing baby dogs
  • Light weight (2 pounds 10 ounces to 3 pounds 6 ounces)
  • Flexible height for tight fits, but won’t collapse
  • Safety tether connects to pup’s harness
  • Leather grip handle, adjustable shoulder strap


  • Flexible roof rods difficult to install
  • Cost relatively high
  • Limited to 50-pound animals (but 35 is better)
  • Large breed pups will outgrow
  • Potentially “chew-able” for teething pups


  • Sturdy canvas
  • Soft sides
  • Flex-height
  • Zipper mesh openings front and top
  • Velcro flap coverings of mesh “windows”
  • Storage pockets
  • Removable and adjustable handle and shoulder strap
  • Available in 14 solid colors and limited prints
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Review – SturdiBag Flexible Height Pet Carrier

The SturdiBag is the lightest weight pet carrier on the market, especially helpful when toting a wiggling puppy or small dog. It’s designed for in-cabin airline travel, but goes beyond that function. It comes in six sizes, from the SturdiTote (12” round x 13” high) for tiny pets, to the SturdiBag Extra Large Deluxe (20”long x 16” high x12” wide) suitable for jumbo-size pups and small (under 35-pound) adults.

The SturdiBag Large Divided (18”x12”x12) can accommodate two pups at once. It has front and back mesh doors with double zipper opener, and a zipper center divider. Two fleece pads are included, one for each side. It could be used (divided) for a tiny pup, and the divider removed to expand the size as puppy grows.

I reviewed the “Large” size (18”Lx12”Hx12”W), recommended for pets weighting up to 25 pounds. Safety tested to 40 pounds.

The attention to detail in the design and quality of materials impressed me. The arched top gives plenty of puppy head room—add a toy, and the bag transforms into a playpen. Soft “egg crate” padded fleece in the bottom, with a foam-core board for support, create a comfortable ride for puppy when carried, or during naptime. The springy flexible “ribs” allow the bag to fit under a plane seat or beneath a living room chair without collapsing on the pup. However, it was tough to get the roof rods properly installed.

Zippered mesh openings provide easy access from the front or the top, particularly helpful if carrying the pup over your shoulder. Canvas flaps secured with Velcro can shutter mesh webbing “windows” during puppy naptime, or be rolled open to keep an eye on him. Pockets store the pup’s leash, treats or other pet travel essentials. Tie down loops on each base/corner, and seatbelt safety loops add special safety value. A removable clip-on tether can be fixed to a D-ring in the bottom of the carrier, and to the pup’s harness to prevent potential “great escapes” during opening. However, a bored and teething pup might make short work of the tether, as well as gnaw on the canvas sides.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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