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Review: Pet Party Printz Gift Wrap

Pet Themed Puppy Safe Gift Wrap

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Review: Pet Party Printz Gift Wrap
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The Bottom Line

Pet Party Printz is gift wrap paper designed for your pet. The assortment of designs are sure to please owners, while the non-toxic soy-based inks and “rip-n-stick” technology that requires no tape offers increased safety for puppies, and a unique new way to play with your pet.


  • Non-toxic ink
  • No tape required
  • Fun designs
  • Earth friendly design
  • Easy to use
  • Reasonable price
  • Made in the USA


  • Requires supervision


  • Pet theme gift wrap paper
  • 39 x 26 inches (7 sq. ft.) in cellophane package
  • 24+ designs for birthday, holiday and no-occasion
  • Printed with non-toxic soy-based inks
  • Rip-n-Stick product, no tape required
  • $4.95 per package

Review: Pet Party Printz Gift Wrap for Pets

Puppies love to chew, shred paper, and lay waste to—well, anything that doesn’t move faster than they do. Gifting the new pet with toys and having them unwrap the paper can be great fun. We do that at our house and Magical-Dawg has a ball ripping up wrapping paper and scattering wads everywhere. Even the cat gets into the act, playing paw-hocky with wads and gnawing pieces. Of course, we supervise to be sure nothing gets eaten that could cause intestinal blockage.

Puppies are trouble magnets able to find and get into fixes in the blink of an eye. Safety is concern number one when it comes to these mischievous babies. Frankly hadn’t occurred to me that the ink in wrapping paper might actually be a problem. Certainly I knew that the cellophane tape could be an issue if swallowed, though. The owners of DH2 International created a business to address the potential problems of wrapping paper while offering a new way to play SAFELY with your pets while giving them wrapped gifts.

Of course, the Pet Party Printz does caution to only offer the paper-unwrapping game while supervised. The product is not designed to be eaten.

The idea came from the owner Dave during the holiday season in 2006 when he couldn’t find pet friendly gift paper to wrap his dog Sami’s gifts. Pet Party Printz gift wrap is printed with non-toxic, soy-based ink. It also incorporates a unique patented Rip-n-Stick™ adhesive edge that’s part of the wrapping so no cellophane tape is required.

There are more than two dozen playful pet-theme designs from which to choose, from candy-cane-striped bone designs, doggy silhouettes with antlers, to pet-friendly sayings (best-friend, cat fun, woof-woof, cuddle, etc). Designs work well for Christmas, birthdays (or “gotcha days” featuring dogs in party hats), or no-reason gifts.

I’ve wrapped up Magical-Dawg’s holiday gifts with the paper and even tested his interest by wrapping one of his favorite toys. He gave it a healthy five-paws-up and had great fun tearing into the package. Not only would I recommend this product for wrapping your puppy’s gifts, but it would make a good choice as an early gift to the hard-to-please pet lovers on your holiday list. I mean, how often can you find wrapping paper with green-and-red paw prints (that even works for the cat!).

The company says they’ve designed the product to keep pets safe from potentially harmful chemicals that could poison pets, and offer creative and playful pet-inspired designs that fit the tastes today’s sophisticated pet owner. For the pet parent intent on offering only the best, safest natural products available, this unique niche product hits a home run. If you have plans to wrap up puppy gifts and enjoy watching Junior-dog open up his presents, the Pet Party Printz may be just the ticket.

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