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Review: Pawtizer

Antibacterial Spray and Wipes

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Review: Pawtizer
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The Bottom Line

PAWTIZER is designed to reduce the bacterial load on pets that the company suggests risks spreading germs to human family members. The antibacterial alcohol-free spray and wipes are designed for convenient cleaning of pet paws and faces.


  • Convenient spray or wipes
  • Alcohol free so non-drying as it cleans
  • Pleasing aroma
  • No water or rinsing required
  • Portable for on-the-go needs
  • Lasts longer than soap and water
  • ”Bittering” agent helps prevent pets licking
  • Antibacterial


  • Toxic if swallowed!
  • Not for heavy cleaning
  • Benefits overstated, lacks documentation
  • Overpriced compared to comparable human products


  • 8 ounce pump spray bottle, $7.66
  • Wipes come in 45 count($3.00) or 100 count plastic dispenser ($7.66)
  • Benzalkonium chloride 0.13%
  • Contains Bitrix lick deterrent
  • Claim: Hypoallergenic
  • Alcohol Free
  • Claim: Kill Germs 99.9%
  • Recommended for daily use

Review: Pawtizer

The PAWTIZER offers an answer to pet owners concerned about their dogs spreading germs to their human family. I must admit to skepticism when I first heard about this product, not because a paw-wipe product isn’t a good idea (it is!) but because of the inflated and hand-waving scare tactic claims made to sell the product made me suspicious.

Certainly there are some illnesses people can contract from their pets, the most common being ringworm. Very little can actually kill ringworm spores, though and it takes more than a wipe-on product for the puppy to protect your human family members.

Product information claims that our dogs are carriers of E. coli, Salmonella and MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), and certainly the active ingredient does help eliminated these bugs. Yet I have never heard reports of humans contracting these “bugs” from their pets.

People are much more likely to contract these illnesses from eating rare meats, unsafe food handling or exposure to MRSA in hospitals. Yet the cute PAWTIZER label places an infant next to a bulldog with the inference that using the product will prevent your baby from contracting dog germs. That’s true, I’m sure. So will simple hygiene.

Unless you allow your baby to chew a doggy paw or eat from Fido’s bowl, the chances are slim to none for contracting one of these named illness from your puppy.

The company makes several claims for which I cannot find supporting evidence—that’s not to say that it’s not true, but I would like to see the documentation of what constitutes “kills germs 99.9%” –what germs, specifically? Does it kill 99.9% of ALL germs or just one or two kinds? And how can that matter, since as soon as the pup's paws hit the carpet (or grass) they’re re-contaminated anyway?

I’d also love to learn about the testing that showed the product is “hypoallergenic” for dogs and puppies, when in fact the same ingredients in similar human products suggest sensitivity has been reported. There is even a caution on PAWTIZER suggesting that if an “irritation develops and persists for more than 72 hours stop use and contact your veterinarian.” That does not sound like a hypoallergenic product.

I’m also very concerned that the active ingredient, benzalkonium chloride 0.13% is fatal to humans if swallowed, and a label caution says to “keep out of reach of children” with instructions to contact Poison Control Center if ingested. While an added ingredient Bitrex is supposed to keep pets from licking treated paws, I worry that clueless puppies could be hurt if they got ahold of the wipes. After all, puppies put everything in their mouths and are much more likely to chew up and swallow such things than people are.

I would love to recommend a product capable of killing parvovirus, ringworm spores, distemper or other puppy “bugs” as that would be a great and convenient boon to puppy owners. That could help protect puppies during quarantine and recuperation from illness. I hope the PAWTIZER folks might consider researching such a product!

Although this product likely is not able to eliminate dog-specific germs that really matter to your puppy, the treated wet-wipes and spray product are convenient for a quick clean of paws or a messy face. Just keep it away from eyes and lips, as it can be irritating, per the instructions.

PAWTIZER claims to be the first “dog-designed” paw-sanitizing product, and is patterned after human hand sanitizing technology with basically the same active ingredients. You can find less expensive first-aid wipes and towelettes for humans with the same 0.13% benzalkonium choloride active ingredient (100 for about $5.00) that work equally well on dogs, although without the cute and convenient dispenser.

The PAWTIZER easy-to-use canisters and sprays make it appealing to pet owners and especially puppy lovers who may have more general cleanup to do. But honestly, folks, wiping off paws with a damp wash cloth works as well and costs nothing. This product won’t necessarily hurt your puppy as long as you SUPERVISE to ensure he doesn’t lick his paws and ingest the toxic substance. But in the scheme of things PAWTIZER is unlikely to make a great impact one way or another other on your own health. This product offers more hype than help and so I could not give it a higher rating.

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 5 out of 5
killing parvovirus, ringworm spores or distemper, Member mark1l

This product was not made for, nor was it stated that it would kill parvo virus, ringworm spores or distemper. Pawtizer was created to lower the risk of germ transfer from pets to humans. I as a responsible pet owner feel that this product is safe if used as directed and not used around the pets eyes or mouth. I used the human wipes and my dogs not only licked it off there paws, they did not like the smell. when I used the Pawtizer, they did not lick there paws and the smell did not bother them. I will use the Pawtizer because it works for me and my dogs.

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