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Review: Comfort Zone with D.A.P.

Dog Appeasing Pheromone

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Review: Comfort Zone with D.A.P.

DAP--dog appeasing pheromone--reduces fear and is especially helpful for puppies transitioning to a new home.

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Comfort Zone with D.A.P. (dog appeasing pheromone) can be used with puppies to ease their fear. Studies indicate the product is effective in 80 percent or higher of cases. It is particularly appropriate for newly adopted pups away from mom-dog and littermates for the first time.


  • Comes in plug-in or spray
  • Studies indicate effective up to 91 percent of cases
  • Veterinarian and behaviorist approved


  • Initial plug-in with vial costs about $30
  • Refill vials costs about $18
  • Plug-in vial lasts only 30 days
  • Plug-in effective in 350 square feet area


  • Plastic plug-in unit
  • Glass 48 ml bottle of D.A.P.
  • 75 ml plastic pump spray

Review: Comfort Zone with D.A.P.

Comfort Zone with D.A.P.—dog appeasing pheromone—is a helpful behavior tool that has many applications especially with new puppies. (The veterinary version is called Adaptil.) The operative ingredient is an analogue of a natural chemical that mom dog’s produce while nursing puppies. This “appeasement pheromone” communicates to puppies that they have nothing to fear.

Adopting a puppy means separation from his mother, littermates, and his familiar environment. The first days and weeks can be scary for a youngster. Fearful puppies not only turn up the whimpers, which take the joy out of the whole experience for you both, fear interferes with learning. A scared pup has problems learning potty rules, or even recognizing you are a fun and loving person.

Dr. Patrick Pageat identified the dog-appeasing pheromone, and in clinical trials determined that it helped reduce destructive behavior, house soiling and vocalizations such as excessive barking and whimpering by 91 percent, 75 percent and 65 percent respectively. It not only works on puppies, but also on adult dogs to ease thunderstorm fears or separation anxieties.

The plug-in works best in a small enclosed space, and will cover 350 square feet area. Placing the plug-in near the puppy’s crate or other confinement area works well. The vial is heated by the outlet and DAP dispersed through the air. Cost can add up when replacement vials are needed but each lasts about 30 days, which usually is enough time for the new puppy to adapt. For car rides or other off-site scary events, the spray version can be spritzed on a bandana the puppy wears or on the dog’s bed in the crate. The Comfort Zone with DAP worked extremely well when Magic first came to live with us, and I highly recommend the product for new puppies.

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