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Your veterinarian partners with you to keep your puppy healthy and happy. These articles help you choose a healthy puppy, recognize illness, and provide appropriate home health care. You'll also find information on how to choose a vet, and what to expect.
  1. Your Healthy Puppy
  2. Puppy Play
  3. Diseases & Disorders
  4. Owner Care
  1. Puppy First Aid
  2. Vet Care
  3. Supplies

Your Healthy Puppy

These articles describe how a healthy puppy looks and acts, to help you choose a healthy baby to adopt. You'll also find basic information on benchmarks--what's normal for a puppy and what to expect as Junior grows up.

Puppy Play

Puppy play is one of the greatest pleasures of adopting a fur-kid. Play changes as your puppy develops from birth to a year of age. These articles explain why puppies play, how they play, and favorite puppy games you can share with your fur-kid.

Diseases & Disorders

Puppies get sick quicker than adults and can take longer to recover. These articles cover the most common or dangerous puppy diseases and conditions, symptoms you'll see, and explain how they can be prevented and what treatments are available.

Owner Care

You live with your puppy and are vital to keeping her healthy. These articles provide tips on home safety, routine care, and puppy first aid.

Puppy First Aid

Sometimes your puppy gets into life-threatening trouble and you don't have time to get him to the vet. Other times, home treatment works just as well to relieve a puppy's discomfort. First aid doesn't replace your veterinarian but knowing what to do can save your puppy's life. Refer to these articles for step by step first aid tips for common issues you can treat.

Vet Care

I can't say enough good things about veterinarians! They are the puppy owner's first line of defense for good puppy health. These articles help you choose the best vet for your fur kid, and describe some of the most common and important services you can expect.


These articles offer suggestions and tips about all the necessary puppy paraphernalia and supplies; from treats and toys, to bowls and beds.

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