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We don't like to think of our new puppy falling sick with puppy disease. But youngsters get sick quicker and take longer to get well than adults. It's vital to recognize sick puppy behavior, signs and symptoms of puppy illness, and how to know when you can wait until tomorrow to call the vet or need immediate vet care. These articles explain the most common puppy diseases and disorders, what you can do at home, and what to expect from your vet. They also provide tips how you can keep your fur-kid form falling ill from puppy diseases.

What Is Parvo?

Parvovirus most commonly affects young dogs and can quickly kill your puppy. Learn what signs to watch for, how to prevent, and ways to nurse sick puppies back to health in this article about parvo.

What Is Distemper?

Distemper also affects young puppies and even those that recover may suffer permanent neurological damage. Learn how to prevent this devastating disease, how to recognize the signs and what you and your vet can do to help stricken puppies recover in this article about distemper.

What Is Kennel Cough?

Kennel cough is characterized by an aggravating honking cough. It's highly contagious and often contracted from crowded conditions such as dog shows, kennels or even boarding your puppy during vacations. Untreated kennel cough can develop into deadly pneumonia in puppies. Read more about this illness, how it's transmitted, treated, and prevented to keep your puppy happy and healthy.

How To Treat Puppy Vomiting

Puppy vomiting can be a sign of serious illness that needs vet care--or may simply be a passing upset tummy. This article helps you know the difference, and how to treat puppy vomiting at home.

How to Treat Puppy Diarrhea

Puppy diarrhea also can be one symptom of serious disease. Viruses like distemper and parvo, intestinal worms, or just eating the wrong thing--like getting in the garbage--can result in puppy diarrhea. This article helps you know when home treatment is okay, and why you should immediately see the vet for professional care.

How To Deal With Puppy Fleas

Puppy fleas bug the heck out of you and your pet. This article explains how blood sucking fleas get onto your puppy, the flea life cycle, and how you can get them off.

How To Remove and Prevent Puppy Ticks

Puppy ticks are nothing less than nasty vampires, and not only suck blood but also spread diseases. This article explains the life cycle of ticks, now to prevent them and ways to safely remove them from your puppy without exposing yourself to disease.

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