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Review: KONG Squeezz JELS

Puppy Bounce And Fetch Toys

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Review: KONG Squeezz JELS
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The Bottom Line

The KONG Squeezz JELS toys are sturdy and fun toys for keeping puppies entertained. The toys can provide interactive play with owners or provide solo play for bored puppies to keep them out of trouble.


  • Soft jell-like toy gentle on teething pups
  • Quiet on hard floors
  • Puppy-safe recessed squeaker
  • Two sizes to best suit your puppy
  • Five fun shapes
  • Rainbow of color choices
  • Washable


  • Energetic chewers can “kill” the squeaker
  • Requires supervision to prevent chewing
  • Best for small to medium pets


  • 5 Characters: Pig, Hippo, Bear, Koala and Frog
  • Unpredictable bounce for fetching fun
  • Comes in MEDIUM and LARGE sizes
  • Frog comes in green only.
  • Other characters available in pink, purple, orange and blue.
  • Recessed squeaker designed for puppy safety
  • Washable
  • $8.99-9.99

Review: KONG Squeezz JELS

I received the large size pink Hippo to review (approximately 4” x 2 ½”). First, I was enthralled by the look of these toys—fun for people!—and also wanted to find a toy that I could recommend as a safe toy that also contained a squeaker. Since my adult German shepherd Magic is a fetching fool and toy maniac, he is my in-house toy tester and I figured if it passed his “stress test” it would be a safe bet for pups.

Magic gave the toy five paws up! He was in doggy heaven as soon as it came out of the packaging.

If Magic’s assessment is any indication, these brightly colored squeak toys should keep your puppies engaged for hours on end. While puppies become easily bored, the unpredictable bounce of the JELS make each toss a new, unexpected game. That stimulates the dog’s natural hunt-and-chase behavior in a legal, productive way. That rewards the pup for pouncing, chasing and biting the toy while keeping other less desirable targets (like chewing your shoes) safe from puppy delinquents.

The soft gel texture feels good to teething pups, and the squeaker adds sound to entice and encourage play. The toys also are easily rinsed off to keep clean, which makes them a good choice for both indoor or outdoor fun.

I was particularly delighted at the way the squeaker is included in the toy. Squeakers keep pups interested in the game but can be especially dangerous to dogs that want to chew out the noise and end up swallowing the foreign object. Magic is notorious for performing canine surgery on his squeaker-toys to remove the noise maker. But the JELS toy squeaker is molded as part of the internal structure, recessed and protected inside the toy keeping it safe for pets.

I love the look of these toys. Vibrant colors of pink, purple, orange, blue and green remind me of gumdrop candy. The silly character shapes won’t matter to your pup but may give the humans a kick to think of the puppy chomping down on a pink Hippo, for instance.

The toys come in both a medium and large size but are best suited to small to medium size dogs and puppies. I wouldn’t recommend it for large-size pets without constant supervision. While it can be a fun fetch toy, Magic’s jumbo-size jaws had the squeaker “killed” within a half hour—but he did not remove it, yay!—and he continued to enjoy the bouncing and retrieve aspects of the toy.

Larger pups may be too rough with this product and should be supervised during play. These are not intended to be chew toys. But for small breeds, the JELS should hold up well and keep pups entertained even as they grow up. Since the toys are soft, they won’t make lots of noise on hard floors the way some other toys do, which a plus in my book. These toys would make fun playtime pastimes for pups.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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