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These articles celebrate your puppies pictures--and the interesting looks and behavior differences between mutts, designer dogs, and pedigreed pups with stories and photos from YOU, the owner! Selected pictures may also from time to time be used in puppies.About.com articles. You'll also find articles here to help you choose your perfect puppy. Don't hold back, share your brags and celebrations, and we'll sympathize with your challenges and offer help along the way.
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Puppy Directory

Learn about breed-specific traits, from personality, train-ability and health challenges, to size differences and activity demands in these articles about puppy breeds and types. You'll also find tips on how to choose the best puppy for you.

Photo Tips

Read these articles to learn how to get the best puppy-licious cute pictures.

Owners Brags & More

Read these articles for tail-wagging brags from other puppy owners, foster and adoption experiences, gotcha-day celebrations and other heart-tugging stories.

Cute Puppy Pix

Browse and enjoy the puppy breed pictures, photos of mixes and mutts, puppies doing adorable, silly and amazing things--even playing dress up! Please share pictures of your own fur-kids, too, whether they're sleeping or getting into devilish fun during play. Portraits are fun, but catching Junior in the act of doing something unexpected can be laugh out loud terrific!

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