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Puppy Pictures: Picture Resolution

Camera Settings for Puppy Pictures


Puppy Pictures: Picture Resolution

The focus blurred on this puppy's muzzle when she began to bark.

© Amy Shojai, CABC

Set your digital camera to match the type of puppy pictures you want, because picture resolution matters. Except when they sleep, puppies tend to be in motion. Set your camera to an “action” setting to best capture your furry moving target.

You can set your camera to record different resolutions of the image, too. High resolution pictures can be enlarged without losing the focus but they take up lots of computer space. High resolution works great with long-distance (or “zoom”) shots because you can later crop the image and get just the important puppy part without losing focus. If you plan to print hard copies, a resolution of at least 200 dpi is needed.

Lower resolutions take up less space and work fine for posting pictures online or viewing them on your computer. For instance, to post pictures in the puppies.About.com community use of 72 dpi.

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