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Dogs vs Cats: 10 Reasons Puppies Are Better


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Dogs vs Cats
Dogs vs Cats: 10 Reasons Puppies Are Better
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As an equal opportunity pet lover, it's hard for me to choose one over the other. Still, the world seems to be divided into "cat people" and "dog people" and there are very good reasons for that. Dogs and cats want very different things out of life, behave differently, offer very different looks, and require different kinds of care. Responsible owners choose their pick-of-the-litter based on these pet's needs as well as their own preferences. After all, when you bring a furry wonder into your heart, you want that partnership to last a lifetime of shared love.

So if you're on the furry fence about whether to adopt a cat or a puppy, here's some help to make the right decision. In the spirit of full disclosure--and a lot of tongue-in-cheek fun--here are my 10 reasons why puppies are the better choice for puppy-lovers.

Never let it be said that I took unfair advantage. After all, my Seren-kitty knows where I sleep! All you cat lovers can hiss-and-spit about it, and check out the cat side's arguments.

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