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Puppy Loves & Brags

Nothing beats a puppy for love--and here's where you can tell the world. Share stories about your puppy loves and brags, including benchmark firsts in your puppy's life. Tell why your puppy is TOPS in the love department, how smart s/he is, how you both overcame a health/behavior challenge, and brag on the little one's awards and more. Describe "gotcha day" stories of your puppy's adoption, share foster success stories, and rave about a wonderful veterinarian, shelter, rescue or breeder.

Altruism and Pets
Read this fun speculative article about whether dogs and cats practice altruism toward each other.

Dogs vs Cats: 10 Reasons Puppies Are Better

Puppy Love: Do Dogs Love?
Read this article about puppy love to to find out 12 ways puppies show love to owners and other dogs and pets. These 12 ways puppies show love explain puppy love, puppies affection and do dogs show love.

Happy Puppy: Is My Puppy Happy?
These articles describe ways to turn your pet into a happy puppy. Learn about happy dogs, puppy happiness, and ways to promote puppy happiness with these articles.

Halloween Stories for Puppies
Read this article featuring 10 Halloween stories about dogs and puppies. These 10 spooky Halloween stories feature fun ghost dogs, dog fables and fun dog fables.

Health Benefits of Puppies
Learn about the health benefits of puppies in this article about how pets improve human health. This article explains how puppies provide health benefits, reduce stress, prevent childhood allergies, and prolong lives. Refer to this article for information about the emotional and physical health benefits to owning a dog.

Pets in Heaven: What Is Heaven Like?
Read this article about what is heaven like by Rev. Craig Sturm and Puppies Guide Amy Shojai to learn about pets in heaven. Refer to this article to learn what religions say about pet loss, animal souls and do puppies go to heaven.

Valentines and Puppies
Read this fun article about Valentines and puppies to learn how women wish men were more like puppies, and vice versa. Learn what puppy presents to give for Valentines Day to please your significant other. This article explains Valentine's Day chocolate dangers for puppies, and offers suggestions for puppy theme Valentine's Day gifts for pet...

Photos, Breed Foibles & Fun!
These articles, stories and tips from puppies.About.com puppy owners include puppies pictures, puppies breeds and designer dogs. Read tips for choosing your perfect puppy, and share your cute puppy pictures, dog story and more with puppies.About.com Puppies Guide Amy Shojai.

Foster Puppy Stories
Share foster puppies experiences and puppy stories from puppy owners in this show and tell forum for puppy lovers. Puppy owners and puppy rescue groups share puppy stories about foster dogs and foster puppies with other puppy lovers.

Brags & Wags
Submit your puppy stories by puppy owners about puppy training and puppy accomplisments. Enjoy sharing your wags and brags about puppy accomplisments and stories from puppy owners of puppy training, puppy successes and fun puppy pictures.

Gotcha Day Stories
Share your puppy stories about puppy adoption from puppy owners telling about acquiring their puppy. Share cute puppy pictures from puppy owners and tell puppy stories about your puppy adoption.

Reader Recommended Rescues
Share your stories about a great puppy rescue experience, and sing the praises of wonderful puppy rescues and animal shelters. Offer your rave reviews of outstanding puppy rescue organizations and animal shelters with other puppy lovers.

Puppy Breeder Heroes
Share your puppy stories about great puppy breeder in this form to share puppy stories from puppy owners. Your puppy adoption and puppy stories about puppy breeders can be shared with other puppy lovers and puppy owners with this puppies.About.com form.

Puppy Mix Pix
Browse cute puppy mix pictures and share your mixed breeds puppy pictures in this puppies.About.com gallery of cute puppy pictures. Enjoy these puppy mix pictures of cute puppies and share your own mixed breed puppy pictures with Puppies Guide Amy Shojai.

Cute Puppy Pictures
Browse these puppies pictures and enjoy and share pictures of cute puppies in this puppies.About.com gallery from Puppies Guide Amy Shojai. Share your puppies pictures in this gallery of cute pictures of puppies.See submissions

How Do I Submit a Photo to the Puppies Site?
Read this FAQ by Puppies Guide Amy Shojai to learn how to submit pictures to the puppies.About.com site. Submit cute puppy pictures to puppies.About.com site using the how-to instructions in this article.

Disabled Puppies
Learn about disabled puppies in this article about adopting handicapped pets. This article explains how puppies become blind, deaf or 'other abled" and still make wonderful pets.

When Pets Outlive You
Read this article about what to plan in the event your pets outlive you. Learn tips for making advance arrangements in your will and pet trusts for pet care options if your pets survive you.

Thanksgiving: A Puppy Thanksgiving
This fun article speculates what puppies give thanks for. Learn how puppies might give thanks and what things puppies are grateful for in this fun article about puppies giving thanks.

Dog Wedding
This article offers tips for including a puppy in your wedding. Learn about dogs in weddings and how to include puppies in weddings in this article that explores dog weddings.

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