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Puppy Halloween Safety Roundup

Safety Tips & Fun Facts for Halloween Puppies


This puppy Halloween safety roundup of articles is vital if you are to enjoy the holiday with your human and doggy family. The people can share scary doggy ghost stories, dress up the puppy in funny costumes and go trick or treating. But there are puppy safety issues as well.

You'll find tips for great Halloween decorating ideas in these articles, along with ways to persuade the fur-kid to keep wearing his costume. It's great to enjoy the howl-idays as long as you take into account puppy Halloween safety around decorations, visitors, and dangerous candy.

Halloween Safety for Puppies

Puppies enjoy meeting new people and sharing adventures, but Halloween safety means more than fun and games. When lots of visitors arrive ringing the doorbell again and again, while wearing scary masks, some pups become scared. They can dash out the door to get in on the fun celebration, and end up lost. Or they can chew up your lovely decorations, eat the wrong thing, or even (gasp!) attack the goblins ringing the doorbell to protect you from the neighborhood trick-or-treating kids. Read this Halloween safety article to keep your fur kid having fun over the holiday.

Chocolate Poisoning: Symptoms & First Aid

Image © Vikki Hart/Getty Images

Puppies have a sweet tooth just like owners do. And the bounty of Halloween candy can prove too tempting to your fur-kids. It's not just that the wrappers can stop up his innards, and that sugar can cause dental problems. Chocolate is toxic to puppies. This article explains what symptoms you can expect if your puppy is poisoned by chocolate, what the veterinarian will do to treat the issue, and how to give puppy first aid to save his life.

Prevent Door Dashing Puppies

Image © Amy Shojai, CABC
Door-dashing puppies can get into trouble, become lost, or even injure guests who ring the doorbell. When trick-or-treaters show up, that's a prime opportunity for Junior Dog to attempt a great escape. This article offers 7 steps for training puppies to "wait" politely at the door. Here's how.

Train Puppies to Wear Costumes

Image © Vikki Hart/Getty Images

Nothing is cuter than the new puppy dressed up in the latest Halloween costume. But did anyone ask how the puppy feels about this? To some dogs, costumes simply are not dignified. Other pups become frightened by having to wear weird costumes. The more elaborate the costume, the greater the danger your fur-kid will object--and spoil your plans at winning that Halloween costume trophy. And even if your pup accepts wearing a costume he may not recognize YOU in that witches' get up. Read this article about how to train puppies to wear costumes and get Junior-Dog ready to wow the crowds when Halloween rolls around.

Easy Costume Ideas for Puppies

Although many Toy size puppies appreciate wearing a warm sweater during cooler weather, not all puppies appreciate wearing stuff, especially puppy costumes. But there are some easy costume ideas that work well for your holiday celebrations and your fur-kid won't have to wear anything "weird" that makes him uncomfortable. Check out these easy costume ideas for your puppy.

10 Spooky Dog Tales for Halloween

Even though that puppy on your lap has become a beloved companion, an eerie howl can still make your skin crawl, especially around Halloween. In fact, we're no different than the early people who felt awed by the dog's mysterious ways. They honored animals with cave paintings and even worshiped them as gods. Check out these 10 spooky stories of demon dogs and ghostly saviors, creation fables and ancient gods for some delicious puppy Halloween shivers.

6 Halloween Products for Dogs

Image © Petco

Check out this fun list of Halloween-themed costumes, collars, toys and treats available from Petco. This roundup is provided by my colleague, Pet Supplies Guide Barbara Nefer.

Halloween Decorating Ideas from About.com

The expert guides at About.com Home and Garden Channel have collected this amazing list of fun and useful Halloween ideas to help you celebrate the howl-iday in style. You'll find spooky architecture, Halloween scrapbooking tips and even some haunted places for you and your puppy to visit! Check out these ghostly Halloween decorating ideas.

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