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Puppy Food

Choosing the Best Puppy Food


What goes into your puppy's bowl matters a great deal and impacts his growth, emotional well being, and even future health. While good taste of the food is vital to get him to eat something good for him, learning how to decipher pet food labels as well as when it's okay to slip him a treat from the table (or not) is equally important. These articles demystify confusing "label-ese" language, debunk myths, and offer specific advice for choosing the best puppy food for your fur-kid.

1. Puppy Food: What To Feed?

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Learn about puppy food, why puppy food is different than adult dog food, and how to choose food for your puppy. This article explains the basic differences of commercial pet food categories, and which ones are best for your puppy. Learn more here.

2. Puppy Food: Nutrigenomics

Cutting edge nutrition includes nutrigenomics in which certain nutrients can actually change your puppy's gene expression. That can turn a pudgy pooch from a fat "storer" into a fat" burner! Learn all about this new science and how it impacts your puppy. Here are all the details.

3. Puppy Food Labels

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Reading pet food labels can be confusing. This article explains that pet food labels are legal documents and what's required--and why--as well as how to decipher the legalese. Read all about it here.

4. Puppy Food Label Myths

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We want the best possible food for our puppies. And manufacturers find all kinds of innovative ways to separate us from our money and buy their product. But not all label claims really mean what consumers think. Read this article to learn about puppy food label myths, what those labels really mean, and what the pet food label won't tell you about your puppy's food. Here's more you'll need to know.

5. Testing Puppy Food

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Claims on pet food labels are all well and good, but how do you know for sure the puppy food will do what it says? Manufactures have a couple of different ways to prove claims. Read this article to learn more about how puppy food is tested, and how you can be sure that what's in the bag will be equally effective inside of your puppy! Learn more here.

6. Puppy Food Additives

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What exactly goes into formulating a puppy food? While we understand that the "meat and potatoes" part of the recipe is only part of the ingredient list, what other additives are included--and why? What is needed and what additives might be there simply as window dressing to entice owners to open their wallets? Learn more about puppy food additives in this article.

7. Puppy Food Calories

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Part of the puppy food package label includes instructions on how much to feed. Calories are a measure of the energy food provides but are not always included on the label. This article explains how to calculate calorie content in common puppy food forms, as well as the approximate amount puppies might be expected to need. Of course you'll also need to check with your veterinarian but this article helps you go beyond the instructions on the can or bag of food. Learn more here.

8. Puppy Food Feeding Schedule

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Once you've chosen the best puppy food possible, how often should you feed your baby dog? A youngster doesn't have the capacity to eat all she needs at one setting. Depending on the size of your puppy, different meal schedules might be better than others. You can also help with house training by scheduling mealtimes. Learn what's involved and how to develop a good puppy food feeding schedule in this article.

9. People Food for Puppies

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Is it a good idea to feed Junior Dog snacks from the table? While some professionals advise against any table food, there are some people foods that can be beneficial for your puppy as long as they're fed within reason. Learn about what people foods are safe for puppies and when it might be appropriate to offer people food in this article.

10. Poisonous People Food for Puppies

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While you certainly can offer tidbits from the table as treats now and then, some people foods should never be given. In fact, it's best to learn as much as you can about people foods that can make puppies sick, including chocolate, certain nuts or even onions. This article offers information about some of the most common people food no-nos. Learn more here.

11. Puppy Food Allergies

It might not happen very often, but some puppies develop allergies to their food. Learn about the signs of food allergies, the most common culprits and what to do if your puppy develops food allergies. Here are more details.

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