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Pet First Aid: 12 Ways to Save Puppy Lives


First aid not only relieves immediate pain from injury, it can save puppy lives. Puppies hit by cars, electrocuted when they chew through live wires, or fallen into swimming pools won't have time for even a ten-minute car ride to the vet. First aid is just that--the FIRST aid given during an emergency to give you time to seek a medical professional's help. Refer to these articles for how to administer first aid in 12 common emergency situations.

1. How To Administer Rescue Breathing

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Puppies that stop breathing often can be resuscitated. But you'll only have a couple of minutes before loss of oxygen damages the brain. Learn how to administer mouth-to-nose rescue breathing for different size puppies in this life saving article. Learn about rescue breathing here.

2. How to Give Puppy CPR

Learn how to administer puppy CPR--that's cardiopulmonary resuscitation--in this how-to article. Nearly any type of trauma, from falls to hit by car accidents or ingesting poison, could stop the puppy's heart. While it can be difficult to revive pups with CPR, you can use these tips to improve his chances for survival. Read about puppy CPR here.

3. First Aid for Electrical Shock

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Puppies are avid chewers and often target electrical cords, in which case you'll need to know how to give first aid for electrical shock. Not only is it important to learn first aid steps, but also how to save the dog while not injuring yourself--and how to recognize signs after the fact, if you don't witness the chew event. Understand what to do with this article about electrical shock.

4. Treatment for Burns

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Puppies are so curious they can get into all kinds of trouble that leads to burns. Electrical shock from chewing the wrong object, and pad burns from walking on hot pavement--or across the stove--can cause serious injuries. But in a house fire or even grass wild fire, puppies are at risk not just for burns but also smoke inhalation that can kill hours after you think they've escaped injury. Learn how to recognize burns and smoke inhalation and know what to do in this article about first aid and treatment for burns. Learn more here.

5. First Aid to Save Puppies From Drowning

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Puppies naturally know how to swim, but if they fall into the pool and can't get out, exhaustion can lead to puppy drowning. Learn how to save your puppy from drowning.

6. First Aid for Puppy Hypothermia

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Puppy hypothermia simply means body temperature drops to below normal, and this cold weather condition can kill puppies. Learn about how to prevent puppy hypothermia, recognize the signs, and how to administer first aid for puppy hypothermia in this article.

7. First Aid for Puppy Frostbite

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First aid for puppy frostbite can save your puppy pain and even disfigurement, although it isn't necessarily life threatening like hypothermia. Learn about the signs of frostbite, how to prevent it, and what to do should it happen in this article.

8. First Aid for Puppy Heat Stroke

Puppy heat stroke is body temperature too high that can kill your puppy, and first aid at home is vital to save your pet's life. Learn how to prevent puppy heat stroke and how to recognize danger signs as well in this how-to article about first aid for puppy heat stroke.

9. First Aid for Spider Bites and Scorpion Stings

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Most spider bites and scorpion stings are more painful than serious, but some cause life threatening reactions. This article explains how to relieve the pain and perhaps save your allergic puppy's life with first aid for spider bites and scorpion stings.

10. First Aid for Chocolate Poisoning

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First aid for chocolate poisoning is especially important around the holidays where you find lots of chocolate candy, such as Halloween and Easter. The treat is insidious because puppies love the taste and may over-eat and become very sick. Learn more about why chocolate is toxic to puppies and what you should do in case of poisoning in this article about first aid treatment for chocolate toxicity.

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