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Keep Puppy Safe Over the Holidays


Whatever holiday tradition you celebrate, your puppy needs holiday pet tips to keep puppy safe over the holidays. He also enjoys the festivities but can risk injury or worse when accidents happen. These articles detail how to give a puppy as a gift, find low-to-no-cost vet care (or offer a donation to help others), puppy proof your holiday decorations, deck your puppy with festive garb, and avoid the hazards from table treats.

Christmas Tree Puppy Safety

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Christmas trees invite mischief from puppies. They love to chew up objects, and the tree looks like a puppy playground. This article explains how to choose safe tree options and decorate them with your puppy in mind. You'll also find tips how to keep the baby dog away from forbidden areas. Read all about it here.

Swallowed Objects--What To Do

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The holidays means lots of tantalizing decorations potentially within reach of a curious puppy. Guests may leave dangerous items out and about, too. Read this article to learn what's dangerous, what to do if your puppy swallows parts of toys or other dangerous objects, and what are the danger signs that your baby dog has eaten something he shouldn't. Get all the details here.

First Aid for Electrical Shock

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Should your puppy manage to get past your Christmas tree precautions or chew up the telephone cord or Menorah lights, he could get shocked. You might not notice right away because symptoms may develop a couple days after the injury. Go to this article which describes what to look for, and how to give first aid should your puppy become an electrical shock victim.

First Aid for Poisonous Holiday Plants

Not all plants are poisonous. But a number of holiday plants pose dangers to your mouthy puppy. Learn what plants pose the worst risk, and what to do if your puppy chews up a poisonous plant. Some plants can be as dangerous coming up as going down so it's important to know whether (and how!) to make your baby dog vomit or give an antidote. Read these first aid tips and cautions for help.

Avoid Poisonous People Food

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When the holidays roll around, it's natural to want to share the bounty with that soulful-eyed begging puppy. Some tasty treats are fine. But do you know the difference between what's safe and what's toxic? You may be surprised! Learn what people foods to avoid in this article about poisonous foods for puppies. Read all about it here.

Stop Puppy Chewing

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Puppy chewing gets your baby dog into all kinds of trouble. Chewing is a natural behavior, even if your puppy targets dangerous items like the Christmas tree or electrical cords. This article explains why puppies chew, and how you can stop the gnawing by teaching your puppy to target legal objects. In fact, why not put a few safe chew toys in your puppy's holiday stocking? Get all the details here.

4 Steps to Giving A Puppy As A Gift

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When we love a puppy, many of us want to spread the furry joy. But giving a puppy as a gift involves more than tying a bow around her neck and plopping the baby into Aunt Ethel's lap Christmas morning. Yes, you CAN give puppies as gifts but two avoid heartbreak and hurt feelings, review this article to learn the 4 steps for how to give a puppy as a gift.

Teach Puppies To Wear Costumes

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The holidays seem to be the perfect time for photo ops. Maybe you'd like the new puppy to be on your Christmas card wearing a fuzzy bow, or reindeer antlers. Or perhaps you've found a snuggly wool coat for your shivery Chihuahua baby. Not all dogs take to wearing clothes, so refer to this article for tips about teaching your puppy to accept costumes. It's all about Halloween costumes but don't worry--your puppy can't read and the same tips apply to Christmas or any time of year puppy garb. Learn more here.

Help With Veterinary Bills

While we love our puppies desperately, sometimes the bills add up and we're left wondering how we'll fund the necessary care they require. Other times, we're reminded of dear departed pet friends during this time of year and want to remember them in a special way. This article lists a variety of places pet parents can offer donations to help with the care of animal companions. It also lists a number of organizations that help folks fund needed veterinary care. Find out more here.
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