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Puppy Home Care

Learn how to provide the best puppy care with these home care articles. Topics include what and when to feed, exercise recommendations by age and breed, and how to care for puppy coat, ears, eyes, teeth and nails. Special care for orphan pups, puppy fostering advice, first aid information, and "natural" health care is here. Articles also explain how to travel with--or without--your puppy, and cover boarding kennels, pet sitters, doggy daycare, and travel by car and plane.

How To Trip Puppy Toenails

Pet First Aid: 12 Ways to Save Puppy Lives
Learn how to recognize 12 puppy emergencies and administer pet first aid to save your dog's life. These 12 articles explain how to give first aid due to injury, poisoning, and accidents with step-by-step instructions how to perform CPR, rescue breathing and more.

Learn about puppy dehydration in this article that describes symptoms and causes of dehydration in puppies. This article explains what signs to look for and how to treat puppy dehydration.

Low Blood Sugar in Puppies
Learn about low blood sugar in puppies, in this article about hypoglycemia in puppies. This article describes what are low blood sugar symptoms in puppies, and first aid for puppy hypoglycemia.

Fat Puppy?
Read this article to learn how to recognize a fat puppy and what you can do to prevent puppy obesity. Learn why obesity in dogs can cause health problems, and how a fat puppy can turn into a fat dog by reading this article about puppy obesity.

Dieting Fat Puppies
Learn how to safely slim down your fat puppy with these puppy reducing diet tips. This article offers weight management tips for your fat puppy diet.

Puppy Food
Read these articles to learn about choosing puppy food, reading puppy food labels, how pet food is tested, and how much to feed. These articles address best puppy food choices, what people food for puppies is safe or dangerous, and nutrigenomic diets for improving puppy health.

Puppy Won't Eat
Read this article about puppy anorexia to learn why your puppy won't eat and how to stimulate appetite. Learn the causes when your puppy will not eat and how to deal with anorexia and dog appetite loss in this article.

Puppy Grooming
Read these articles about puppy grooming to learn about bathing puppies, how to brush dogs teeth and ear cleaning tips. Learn why puppies shed, how different puppy coats require different dog grooming care, and ways to remove skunk odor and more in these puppy grooming articles.

How to Massage A Puppy
Learn how to massage a dog in this article about puppy massage and dog physical therapy. This article discusses dog massage, puppy massage techniques and how underwater treadmill therapy can help puppies.

Puppy Grooming Tips
Read this puppy grooming tips article from professional dog groomer Louise Kerr to prepare your puppies for grooming. Learn how to teach puppies to accept handling for grooming in this dog grooming tips article written by Louise Kerr.

Puppy Foods: Dog Food Labels
Read this puppy food article about dog food labels to learn about ingredients and how to compare foods. Learn how to read puppy food labels to understand how to choose dog foods based on food ingredients. Find out how to compare dog food on a dry matter basis.

Puppy Food Myths: What Are Food Labels
Read this article to learn what pet food labels really mean and understand food label myths. This article answers questions about what are food labels, and defines the legal terms used on puppy foods. Understand the difference between legal terms and marketing ploys that have no real definition in this article that dispels myths and explains...

Puppy Food: Calories
This article explains puppy food calories and puppy energy needs. Learn how to calculate how many calories your puppy needs and what to look for in puppy foods.

Puppy Food Additives
Learn about puppy food additives in this article about dog food flavors, food coloring and preservatives. This puppy food article explains what additives help make the food look and taste good.

Puppy Foods: Dog Food Analysis
Learn about puppy food and dog food analysis in this article about how companies test pet food. This article explains puppy food labeling laws and how a pet food nutritional claim is validated by pet food companies either through chemical analysis or feeding trials.

Puppy Nutrition and Nutrigenomics
Learn about puppy nutrition and nutrigenomics in this article about foods designed to improve canine genetics and puppy diseases. This article explains how nutrigenomics can help relieve canine arthritis, obesity and other potential puppy diseases using foods designed to change gene expression in your dog.

Puppies Teeth
Learn about puppy teeth, puppy teething, and dog dental care in these articles about puppies teeth care. These articles about dog dental care explain puppy teething timeline, puppy teeth and adult dog teeth, including how to brush dog teeth.

Puppy Panting
Learn what constitutes normal puppy panting, why your puppy pants and causes for your puppy breathing fast in this article about puppy panting. This article explains dog panting, and why excessive panting in dogs can be a problem.

Holiday Pet Tips
Read these holiday puppy safety articles to learn about pet safety. These articles explain first aid for electrical shock from chewing Christmas tree lights, eating poisonous plants and people food, and how to create a puppy-safe holiday home. Also learn how to give a puppy as a gift, teach him to accept holiday costumes, and find help to pay...

Christmas Tree: Puppy Safety
Learn about Christmas tree puppy safety in this article with tips for keeping holiday dogs safe. This article explains the dangers to avoid with puppies around the Christmas tree, and offers tips for creating a puppy-safe fun holiday.

Puppy Winter Safety
Learn how to keep your puppy safe with these winter safety tips for puppies. These articles describe the symptoms, first aid, and treatment for frostbite, hypothermia, drowning, carbon monoxide and antifreeze poisoning and how to save your puppy's life.

People Food for Puppies
Learn how to offer healthy puppy treats with people food for puppies in this article about safe table scraps for puppies. This article suggests ways to safely offer puppy treats from your table using people food for puppies.

Puppy Travel: Car Rides
Refer to this article for 6 tips to ease your puppy in car travel fears in this article about pet travel with puppies. Learn how to ease pet travel fears in this puppies.About.com article by puppy guide Amy Shojai.

Puppy Boarding and Dog Sitters
Learn about your puppy boarding options for vacations with dogs. This article explains the information you'll need to give doggie hotels, puppy sitters, or to take the puppy with you for a vacation with your puppy.

Disaster Preparation For Puppies
This article provides disaster preparation tips for puppy owners in case of evacuation. Learn what should go into a pet disaster kit, how to prepare for evacuation and what to do in case of natural disasters and emergencies to keep your pets safe.

Cold Weather Tips for Puppies
Learn how to acclimate your puppy to cooler weather, teach him to wear a sweater, reduce fur static and more in this article about cold weather safety. This article explains ways to keep puppies safe, what feeding adjustments they need and dog house tips for when the weather turns cold.

Healthy Happy Puppies
These articles describe puppy care and puppy health needs for puppy owners, written by puppies.About.com Guide Amy Shojai. Learn how to choose healthy puppies, how to provide puppy care including healthy play and first aid at home as well as vet care and puppy vaccines for treating or preventing dog diseases and puppy parasites.

Puppy Food: Best Puppy Food
Refer to this article to learn about best puppy foods and feeding a puppy. Learn about different types of foods, and what to look for when choosing the best puppy food for feeding your puppy. Read this puppies.About.com article by puppies guide Amy Shojai to learn how to feed your new puppy.

Remove Skunk Smell: Puppies Sprayed by Skunk
Read this article to learn how to remove skunk smell from puppies sprayed by a skunk using three easy to use home remedies. Learn about why skunks stink, and why puppies get sprayed in this article about how to remove skunk smell from your pets.

Puppy Food: Puppy Feeding Schedule
Read this article about puppy food and puppy feeding schedule to learn how to feed a puppy. Refer to this resource from puppies guide Amy Shojai to learn how much to feed your puppy, how many meals your puppy should eat each day and why meal feeding puppies is important.

Dog Grooming: Dog Fur
Read about dog coat types in this article about puppy fur color, coat types and dog grooming needs. Refer to this puppies.About.com article by puppies guide Amy Shojai about dog grooming and dog fur varieties and care needs.

How To Express Anal Glands
Learn about puppy scooting behavior and how to express anal glands in this article by Puppies Guide Amy Shojai, CABC. This article explains puppy scooting behavior, anal glands, and offers step by step instructions how to express your puppy's anal glands.

Puppy Fur
Learn about puppy fur, types of puppy hairs, dog whiskers, and how puppy fur grows in this article about your puppy's coat. This article explains the types of puppy hair that makes up puppy fur, and how it grows and is shed in this article by puppies.About.com Puppies Guide Amy Shojai.

Do Puppies Shed?
Learn why dogs shed and do puppies shed in this article that explains all about dogs shedding. This article explains why low shedding dogs are different, and how shedding can cause problems with mats and dog hot spots. Read about what causes puppy shedding and how to keep the fur from flying in this article about puppy shedding.

How To Restrain A Puppy
This article explains how to restrain a puppy for a dogs medical treatment. Learn about ways to safely restrain a dog including homemade dog muzzles to keep your puppy and you safe duringpet medical treatments.

Puppies Treatment: Pilling
Read this how to article about puppies treatment and how to give your puppy pills. Learn how to pill puppies in this puppies treatment article about administering pills to puppies.

Puppies Treatment: Medicating Puppies
This article explains puppies treatment for administering eye medicine, ear medicine, skin medicine and oral liquids for puppy health problems. Learn how to administer puppy medicine for your puppy eye, ear or skin problems in this article about medicating puppies.

Puppy Potty Accidents
Learn about puppy potty accidents and how to clean puppy pet stains in this article about how to clean puppy pet stains. Read this how-to article about pet stain removal to learn ways to remove urine smell and poop stains that result from puppy potty training accidents.

Puppy Bath
Read this article on puppy grooming for puppy bath information and how to bathe a puppy. Find out how often to to give a puppy bath in this article's 13 steps how to bathe a puppy.

Puppy Identification
Read this article to learn about puppy identification options including identification collars, microchips for dogs, and tattoos. Keep your puppy safe with puppy identification, and learn about the pros and cons of puppy microchip, identification collars, and puppy tattoos in this article about puppy identification.

Puppy Temperature
Learn what is normal puppy temperature and how to take puppy temperature in this how to article about puppy temperature. This article explains what causes puppy fever or low body temperature, and how to take your puppy's temperature.

Blind Puppy
Learn how to care for your blind puppy in this article that offers 10 tips for living with a blind puppy. Keep your puppy safe and happy with these 10 tips for blind puppies.

Keep Puppies Cool
Learn how to keep puppies cool in this article about summer safety tips and how to keep dogs cool. Puppies Guide Amy Shojai suggests 9 easy inexpensive ways to keep puppies cool in this article about summer safety.

Halloween Safety and Puppies
Read this puppy safety article to learn about Halloween dangers for puppies and how to keep puppies safe. Learn about puppy proofing for Halloween in this article about Halloween safety and puppies.

How To Brush Puppies Teeth
Read this article to learn how to brush puppies teeth. Learn how to clean dogs teeth in this article about brushing dogs teeth and puppy home dental care. Teach your puppy to like teeth brushing in this article about easy tips to brush puppies teeth.

Cleaning Puppy Ears
Learn about cleaning puppy ears in this article about grooming your puppies' ears. This article explains what's involved in ear grooming and how to clean a dogs ears.

Lost Pets
Read this article about lost pets to learn 6 tips how to find a lost puppy. This article explains what to do about a missing pet and how to find lost pets.

Review: Puppy-Safe Waterless 2-in-1 Shampoo
Read this review of Planet Dog's Puppy-Safe Waterless Shampoo to learn more about grooming options for your puppy. This review explains the benefits and how to use Puppy-Safe 2-in-1 Waterless Shampoo from Planet Dog.

Review: Pawtizer
Read this review of PAWTIZER, antibacterial wipes and sprays for dogs. This review looks at the benefits and risks of using PAWTIZER to keep your puppy's paws clean.

Animal Attacks
Learn how to prevent animal attacks toward puppies in this article about wild animal attack. This article discusses what wild animals attack puppies such as coyotes, stray pets, raccoons, skunks and birds of prey, and what to do to protect your pet.

Plants and Pets
Read this article to learn tips for keeping dangerous plants and pets apart. These puppy proofing tips offer ways to keep plants safe from puppies, and to keep puppies away from plants that are poisonous to dogs.

Treatment for Insomnia
Learn about treatment for insomnia in this article about helping puppies sleep. This article offers tips for natural remedies for insomnia for your puppy.

Puppy Halloween Safety Roundup
This puppy Halloween safety roundup includes 8 Halloween articles with tips for easy puppy costumes, trick or treating cautions with how to prevent door-dashing, and poison prevention and first aid instruction for dangerous swallowed candy or objects. Also enjoy these scary-fun Halloween stories about dog legends, myths and ghosts, and enjoy some decorating tips for the holiday.

Cure Puppy Car Sickness

Puppy Navigation

Puppy Car Harness

Puppy Travel
Read these puppy travel articles to learn how to teach puppies to accept car rides, travel safely with proper restraints, avoid car sickness, be polite hotel guests and more.

Giving Fluids

URIPALS Dog Park for Domestic Violence Survivors
URIPALS offers shelter to domestic abuse victims as well as their pets, and has a new Purina Play Haven and Dog Park for canine guests. This pilot program should serve as a model for similar shelters across the country.

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