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Puppies For Beginners

A new puppy brings joy, frustration, and lots of questions--find your answers here! These articles help you figure out if you're ready for a puppy, and how to find your perfect match. Topics covered include the pros and cons of boy or girl, purebred or mix, small-to-large, grooming and exercise demands, and cost involved. You'll also learn what kinds of puppies do best if you work long hours or are retired, rent an apartment, own a house or farm, or have existing pets and/or kids.
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Puppy Development Part 1
Read this article on puppy stages to learn how a newborn puppy develops from birth to twelve weeks of age. This puppy stages of development article explains about newborn puppy development week by week from birth to age twelve weeks.

Buying A Puppy: 7 Questions To Ask
Refer to this buying a puppy article to answer 7 questions to ask before you buy or adopt a puppy. Learn 7 important questions to answer before you buy or adopt a puppy in this buying a puppy guide.

Puppy Development Part 2
Read this article on stages of puppy development to learn how puppies mature from twelve weeks to two years of age. This puppy stages article explains about puppy development week by week from twelve weeks to two years.

How to Give Puppies As Gifts
Read this article about how to give puppies as gifts to learn what questions to ask before giving puppy gifts. Learn 4 thoughtful steps to giving puppies as gifts in this article about how to give puppies as gifts.

Dog Allergies: Allergies to Pets
Read about dog allergies and allergy to pets in this article about dog allergies treatment. Learn how to treat your allergies to pets with 10 simple home treatments for reducing dog allergies.

Dog Fighting
Learn about ways to stop animal abuse and dog fighting in this article about ASPCA Forensic Sciences and Anti-Cruelty Projects. This article offers information about new laws to prosecute animal abusers who attend dog fights and bring children to these illegal spectacles.

Dangerous Dogs

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