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Bringing Puppy Home

There's lots to consider before bringing your puppy home. These articles explain what pet supplies you'll need: food, bowls, crate, bed, leash and collar, grooming supplies toys and more. Fun articles help you choose the ideal puppy name, including how professional breeders name pups. Find tips how to puppy proof the home and yard to keep the baby safe, how to establish "rules of the house," and ways to address the needs of resident pets.

How To Pet A Puppy
Learn how to pet a puppy and why you should ask first in this article about puppy petting etiquette. This article explains why it's best to ask permission before petting puppies, how to pet dogs, and what to say to stop unwanted petting.

Help with Veterinary Bills
This article offers resources for help with veterinary bills, pet health research foundations, and places you can become a Good Samaritan to others needing help. Learn about opportunities for you to help others with veterinary bills, or to find help to fund veterinary care for your puppies in this article that lists canine health foundations and...

Pet Insurance
Read this article about pet insurance to find out if your puppy needs pet insurance and how to choose the best coverage for your pet.

Puppy Toy: Toys For Dogs
Learn how to match a puppy toy or dog toy to puppy play style in this article by puppies.About.com puppies guide Amy Shojai. Refer to this information to choose safe dog toys or make homemade puppy toys for your puppy to encourage healthy puppy play.

Your New Puppy Routine
Refer to this article on creating a puppy routine and rules for humans when training puppies. Learn why puppies become confused if humans don't use consistent rules and routines. This article by puppies.About.com puppies guide Amy Shojai provides tips for establishing "rules of the house" for all owners to follow when training puppies.

Quarantine: Bringing Puppy Home
Learn about puppy quarantine to prevent a sick puppy from making other pets sick when bringing puppy home. This puppies.About.com article by puppies guide Amy Shojai explains what is quarantine, why it's important and how it can protect your new puppy and resident pets when bringing a new puppy home.

Puppy Proofing
Learn how to puppy proof your home and yard with these puppy proofing tips from puppies.About.com puppies guide Amy Shojai. Refer to this article for 10 tips to keep pups safe and learn how to puppy proof your home and yard.

Dog Fence
Learn why dog confinement with a humane dog fence is an important safety issue and why electric fence systems are not recommended. Read this dog fence article by puppies.About.com puppies guide Amy Shojai to learn humane ways to provide safe dog confinement for your new puppy.

Pet Food Stamps
Learn about the new Pet Food Stamps program for pets in this article about dog food food stamps. This article suggests ways to create helpful programs for needy pet parents including information about the Pet Food Stamps program.

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