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1st Aid & Home Remedies

Learn about puppy first aid for life-threatening emergencies, and home remedy treatments and cures for injuries and minor illnesses in these articles. You'll find step by step advice, how to treat puppies and relieve painful health conditions, and ways to prevent further injury or death until you can reach a veterinary expert. These articles also explain when first aid or natural home remedies are appropriate, and the times that it's best to immediately seek veterinary care.

Pet First Aid: 12 Ways to Save Puppy Lives
Learn how to recognize 12 puppy emergencies and administer pet first aid to save your dog's life. These 12 articles explain how to give first aid due to injury, poisoning, and accidents with step-by-step instructions how to perform CPR, rescue breathing and more.

Pet First Aid: Rescue Breathing
Learn how to give dog CPR and rescue breathing to save your puppy's life in this pet first aid article on rescue breathing. Refer to this how-to article on saving your puppy's life with rescue breathing in this puppies.About.com article by Amy Shojai on pet first aid.

6 Natural Healing Remedies
Read about these 6 natural healing treatment options in these articles for holistic and alternative remedies for puppies. Learn about herbal, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic care and massage treatment in this roundup about natural healing remedies for puppies.

Puppies CPR
Learn how to administer puppy CPR in this article about cardiopulmonary resuscitation and puppies. This article explains how to give CPR for small puppies, medium size puppies and barrel-chested puppies, including pet acupuncture resuscitation.

Low Blood Sugar in Puppies
Learn about low blood sugar in puppies, in this article about hypoglycemia in puppies. This article describes what are low blood sugar symptoms in puppies, and first aid for puppy hypoglycemia.

Choking: First Aid for Puppies
This article explains choking first aid for puppies. Learn about the signs of dogs choking and how to perform the Heimlich maneuver with these tips about how to help a choking puppy.

How To Make Puppies Vomit
Learn how to make puppies vomit and when you should NOT make a puppy throw up in this article about how to induce vomiting. This article explains why you should induce vomiting and how to make your puppy throw up.

Puppies: Electrical Shock
Learn about puppies and electrical shock in this article about the symptoms and first aid if your puppy chews through an electrical cord. Read this article about electric shock first aid for dogs, and how to recognize and prevent shock dangers for your puppies.

Seizures In Puppies
Read this article about seizures in puppies to learn what is epilepsy in dogs. Learn about puppy seizures in this article about puppies with seizures to learn the signs of canine seizures and what you can do.

Puppy Drowning First Aid
Learn about puppy drowning and first aid in this article about puppy swimming safety. This article explains how to recognize drowning, give first aid for puppy drowning, how to reduce puppy swimming dangers during summer holidays or winter ice accidents, and keep puppies safe.

Puppy Hypothermia
This article explains what is hypothermia in puppies, hypothermia causes and how to treat hypothermia in puppies. Learn what are the causes of hypothermia, how to prevent hypothermia in puppies, and how to treat and prevent hypothermia in your puppies in this first aid article.

Dog Bite Treatment

Frostbite: What Is Frostbite in Puppies?
Learn about frostbite in puppies in this article about frostbite symptoms, treatment and prevention. Learn how to provide first aid for frostbite in puppies in this article about recognizing frostbite signs and preventing puppy frostbite.

Snake Bite
Read this article about snakebite to learn about first aid for snake bite in puppies. This article explains a dog's snake bite symptoms and treatment of a snake bite for your puppy. Learn to recognize poisonous snakes in this first aid article for puppies.

Puppy Heat Stroke
Learn how to recognize and give pet first aid for puppy heat stroke in this article about heat stroke first aid for puppies. Puppy heat stroke prevention and first aid tips in this article can save puppy lives by understanding the symptoms of heat stroke.

Puppy Spider Bites and Scorpion Stings
Learn to identify dangerous spiders and scorpions to protect your puppy from bites and stings in this Puppies.About.com article. Find out how dangerous spider bites and scorpion stings are to your puppy and what are the symptoms of insect stings in this article about spider bites and scorpion stings.

Puppies and Chocolate Poisoning
This article explains how chocolate can poison puppies. Read about the symptoms to watch for, and how to give your puppy first aid when puppies eat chocolate.

Antifreeze Poisoning
Learn about antifreeze poisoning and ethylene glycol poison symptoms in this article about preventing puppy poisoning. This article explains how antifreeze poisons dogs, and first aid to save your puppy, and how to prevent antifreeze poisoning.

Carbon Monoxide
Become aware of the signs of carbon monoxide puppy poisoning by reading this article about carbon monoxide symptoms. Learn how carbon monoxide poisons pets and owners, the warning symptoms, and how it's treated in this article.

Poisonous Plants for Puppies
Learn about the most dangerous poisonous plants for puppies in this first aid article. This how-to article lists top puppy toxic plants, the symptoms of poisoning, and first aid for poisonous plants to save your puppy's life.

Swallowed Foreign Objects and Puppies
Learn about swallowed foreign objects and puppies in this article about symptoms and treatment of swallowed objects. This article explains first aid tips for puppy swallowed objects, and what to do if your puppy swallows dangerous objects like coins, string or sharp objects.

Hot Spots: Treatment For Hot Spots
Puppies and dogs develop painful hot spots, and this article explains dog hot spots and first aid home treatment for hot spots. Learn about hot spot remedies and why puppies get hot spots in this first aid article about hot spots by puppies.About.com guide Amy Shojai.

Puppy Sunburn
Read this article about puppy sunburn to learn how to prevent dog sunburn and give first aid for your puppy's sunburn pain. Learn ways to avoid puppy sunburn and treat with your puppy sunburn with first aid in this article about dog sunburn.

Treatment for Burns
Learn what to do for a puppies treatment for burns in this article about first aid for burns and smoke inhalation. This article explains burns first aid, how to recognize problems from fire, and how to treat burns in your puppy.

Poisonous Foods for Puppies
Learn what poisonous foods for puppies to avoid when you treat puppies with people food. This article explains what people foods are poisonous for puppies, and the warning signs to get emergency veterinary help.

Puppy Bug Bites Treatment
Read this article to learn about bug bites treatment for insect bites and stings. Learn how to give first aid for puppy bee and wasp stings, ant bites, spider bites and scorpion stings in this article about first aid for insect bites and stings.

Ear Mite Treatment: Natural Remedies for Ear Mites
Learn about ear mite treatment and how to treat ear mites in this puppies.about.com article. Save money with these natural remedies for ear mites by treating your puppies at home. Read these 10 tips to cure your puppy by treating ear mites at home.

How To Restrain A Puppy
This article explains how to restrain a puppy for a dogs medical treatment. Learn about ways to safely restrain a dog including homemade dog muzzles to keep your puppy and you safe duringpet medical treatments.

Porcupine Quills
Learn about porcupine quills and how to remove porcupine quills from a puppy in this article about quills on a porcupine. This article offers first aid tips for puppies with porcupine quills, and how to remove porcupine quills from your dog.

Puppy Strangles
This article explains what is puppy strangles. Learn to recognize the symptoms and causes of puppy strangles disease in this article about juvenile cellulitis and canine pyoderma.

Poisons for Puppies
Learn what is poisonous to dogs and avoid puppy poisons with these articles about common puppy poisons. Find puppy and dog poisoning first aid help in these articles that describe what is poisonous for dogs and puppies.

Puppy Skin Problems
Learn about puppies and skin problems in these articles about skin problems in dogs. These articles describe the causes and treatments for different dog skin problems in puppies.

Herbal Alternative Medicine
Learn about puppies and herbal alternative medicine in this article about choosing herbs for pets. This article explains how to choose herbal remedies for pets and why alternative veterinary medicine uses herbal medicine.

Holistic and Alternative Medicine for Puppies
Learn about holistic and alternative medicine for puppies in this article about natural pet care. This article explains the benefits of holistic and natural pet remedies and how they work with traditional western medicine options.

Homeopathic Remedies for Puppies
Learn about homeopathic remedies for puppies in this article that explains what is homeopathy. This article describes how homeopathic remedies are made, stored, prescribed and administered to puppies, and the philosophy homeopathic veterinarians use.

Veterinary Acupuncture
This article explains what is veterinary acupuncture and how it can help your puppy. Learn about acupuncture for animals in this article about dog acupuncture.

Veterinary Chiropractic
Learn about veterinary chiropractic and dog physical therapy in this article about manipulative therapies for puppies. This article describes simple home hands-on therapy tips from veterinary chiropractors to keep puppies healthy.

Puppy Constipation
Learn about puppy constipation symptoms and natural home treatment in this article about constipation. This article explains common reasons for constipation, and what to do if your dog is constipated.

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