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Find A Puppy: Puppy Seller Quiz

10 Questions to Ask


Find A Puppy: Puppy Seller Quiz

Don't let the cute-factor keep you from asking pointed questions.

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There are many places to find a puppy--puppy breeders, rescue groups and shelters and pet stores, even the neighbor's "whoops" litter--and a puppy seller quiz reveals some are clearly better options than others.

Before you're smitten by the first cold nose you meet, ask these 10 questions. The answers alert you to any red flags and help measure the risk involved in adopting or buying from that puppy source. For each question below, a yes receives one point, and a no gets zero points. Tally the score to see how the puppy source rates-the higher the score the better.

10 Questions to Ask Puppy Sellers

  1. Can you tell me about the temperament of at least one parent (the mother)?
  2. Can you tell me about the temperament of my puppy?
  3. Has the puppy been handled, so she's socialized to people?
  4. May I visit the facilities to see where my puppy has been raised? Are facilities clean?
  5. If she's a purebred, were health screens done on parent dogs? Is registration and pedigree information available?
  6. Will you provide a medical history of to-date vaccinations or other care given?
  7. Does the purchase price/adoption fee include health guarantees?
  8. Do you provide a list of references/testimonials from satisfied adopters/purchasers?
  9. Have you ever turn down a potential purchase/adopter?
  10. Will you be available to offer help and advice as my puppy grows?

SCORES of 8 to 10 = IDEAL

SCORES of 5 to 7 = FAIR to GOOD


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