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Finding A Puppy

Puppy sources offer everything from high-cost purebreds to "free" mixed mutts. They come from high-dollar breeders, rescues and shelters, backyard "whoops" litters, pet stores and puppy mills. These articles explain how to tell a good puppy source and the most popular places to look for the type of puppy you want. You'll also find tips and how-to advice about evaluating puppy personality and health status, to ensure your pick of the litter becomes the dog of your dreams.

Puppy Temperament Testing
Learn how to predict puppy test puppy personality with puppy temperament testing in this article by puppies.About.com puppies guide Amy Shojai. Refer to this article for 5 tests to predict your puppy's personality and learn how puppy temperament testing works.

Dog Breeder: Buyer Beware
Read this article about dog breeder questions to ask, and how to recognize buyer beware signs about dog breeders. This puppies.About.com article by puppies guide Amy Shojai lists warning signs and questions to ask dog breeders before you buy your puppy.

Photos, Breed Foibles & Fun!
These articles, stories and tips from puppies.About.com puppy owners include puppies pictures, puppies breeds and designer dogs. Read tips for choosing your perfect puppy, and share your cute puppy pictures, dog story and more with puppies.About.com Puppies Guide Amy Shojai.

Janice Koler-Matznick: Rhodesian Ridgebacks of Kandu
Read this breeder profile of Janice Koler-Matznick and her kennel Rhodesian Ridgebacks of Kandu. Learn about what questions to ask and answers to seek when looking for your Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy.

Dog Breeders: Questions To Ask
Find out what questions to ask dog breeders before buying your puppy. Learn how to screen dog breeders and identify good responsible puppy breeders and avoid potential problems before you bring your new puppy home.

Gillian Salling: Fernheim German Shepherds
Read this profile of Gillian Salling to learn about Fernheim German Shepherds, what health and temperament issues are important, and her "ideal" puppy and owner. Learn what's important for a healthy and sound German shepherd puppy in this profile of German shepherd breeder Gillian Salling and Fernheim German Shepherds.

Hannah Davis: Beachfront Goldens
Read this breeder profile about Hannah Davis of Beachfront Goldens to find out how she views the perfect Golden Retriever puppy and its home. This breeder profile describes Golden Retriever breeder Hannah Davis's program at Beachfront Goldens.

Find A Puppy: Puppy Seller Quiz
To find a puppy, use this puppy seller quiz with 10 questions to ask to find the best puppy source. Learn what questions to ask your puppy seller by reading this puppy seller quiz to help you find a puppy.

Puppy Rescue
Read this personal experience article about pet rescue adoption by Leslie H. Nicoll, PhD, MBA, RN to learn what to expect from purebred rescue organizations. Learn how to prepare for puppy adoptions from purebred rescue organizations in this personal experience article from guest contributor Leslie H. Nicoll.

Banned Dog Breeds
Read this editorial by Guide Amy Shojai, CABC about banned dog breeds and what questions to ask. This editorial poses questions that require answers in instances of banned dog breeds.

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