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Behavior Problems

Common puppy behavior problems--barking, biting, chasing, chewing, digging, wetting--are explained, with how-to solutions. Articles help owners recognize and understand both normal and problem puppy behaviors, and where to find behavior help. Topics also cover how puppies think, and ways they communicate with each other and owners, using body language and vocal signals.

Canine Hunting Behavior
Learn about canine hunting behavior in this article that explains how dogs and puppies hunt. This article explores predatory canine behavior including predatory aggression and how it applies to your puppy.

9 Kinds of Puppy Aggression
Learn about 9 kinds of aggression in this round up of articles about the aggressive puppy. These 9 articles explain the signs of aggression and how to manage and treat aggressive puppy behavior.

How to Speak Dog: 7 Kinds of Puppy Talk
Read these 7 articles about puppy talk to learn how to speak dog and find out how to talk to your puppy. Learn how to translate puppy barks, whines and snarls, silent dog body language, how puppies use smell to communicate, and what dog calming signals you can use, too.

Puppy Aggression
Read this article about status related aggression to learn how to deal with puppy aggression. This article explains why adolescent puppies fight with adult dogs, and what you can do to stop puppies fighting.

Resource Guarding
Learn about resource guarding of toys and food, and how to stop possessive aggression in puppies.

Puppy Fear Aggression
Learn about the signs of puppy fear aggression and what to do in this article about fear aggression in puppies. This article explains how to manage dog fear aggression and ways to keep puppy fear aggression from become a problem.

Predatory Aggression
Learn about puppy predatory aggression in this article about recognizing and managing puppy play aggression. This article explains how to understand and avoid predatory aggression, and ways to stop puppy play aggression from getting out of hand.

Sibling Rivalry
Learn about sibling rivalry and why puppies get along until you enter the room. This article explains why friendly pets sometimes engage in dog fights over owner attention. Find out how to recognize and manage puppy aggression that looks like sibling rivalry.

Dominance Aggression
Learn to recognize and solve puppy conflict aggression, formerly called dominance aggression, in this article about dominance aggression in dogs. This article about puppy aggression offers tips for training conflict aggressive dogs and prevent your pup from guarding toys and food.

Territorial Aggression
Learn about puppies territorial aggression in this article that explains what to do aboutdogs territorial behavior. This article about puppy aggression offers how to advice for stopping puppies barking and lunging at the mailman and strangers. Understand what to do when your dog's territorial behavior becomes aggressive with these tips.

Alliance Aggression
Learn about alliance aggression in this article that explains why dogs guard their owners from the other pets. Refer to this article about alliance aggression to find out why your puppy acts aggressive to keep other dogs and pets away from you.

Puppy Aggression with Other Dogs
This article explains leash aggression and how to walk an aggressive dog when your puppy shows aggression with other dogs. Learn about ways to reduce dog aggression with other dogs in this article that explains how to walk a dog aggressive puppy.

Puppy Excitement Aggression
Learn about puppy excitement aggression in this article about why dogs show aggression in doorways. This article explains what to avoid to prevent puppy excitement aggression and how to train dogs to prevent mobbing behavior and doorway aggression in puppies.

Bored Puppies
Learn about bored puppy behavior and how to relieve dog boredom. This article explains why puppies get bored and offers tips to relieve bored puppy behavior problems and destructive behaviors.

Jealous Puppies
This puppies behavior article explains what to watch for and how to get dogs to get along. Learn about jealous puppies behavior, and how to manage dog aggression and reduce puppy sibling rivalry in this article to help pets get along.

Puppy Training: Mistakes and Myths
Learn about these puppy training mistakes and other pet myths in this article debunking dog behavior myths. This article explains common misconceptions about puppy training and behavior.

Christmas Tree: Puppy Safety
Learn about Christmas tree puppy safety in this article with tips for keeping holiday dogs safe. This article explains the dangers to avoid with puppies around the Christmas tree, and offers tips for creating a puppy-safe fun holiday.

Solving Common Puppy Behavior Problems
Learn about common canine behavior problems and how to solve them with these articles about puppy nipping, puppies chewing, and puppies barking. Solve common puppy behavior problems with these articles that explain why puppy eats poop, how to stop puppy jumping up, and how to deal with puppy digging, fireworks fears and thunderstorm fears.

Puppy Travel: Car Rides
6 Tips to Ease Travel Fears

Dog Behavior: Dog Behavior Problems
Learn about dog behavior, dog behavior problems, and where to find dog behavior help in this article about dog behavior. Puppies.About.com guide Amy Shojai explains where to find dog behavior experts to solve dog behavior problems in this article about dog behavior.

Dog Language: Understanding Dog Talk
Learn how dogs communicate using dog language in this article about understanding dog talk. Read about canine communication in this article by puppies.About.com guide Amy Shojai on understanding puppy talk and adult dog talk. Refer to this article about the ways dogs talk to each other to understand how your puppy talks to you and other animals...

Eating Poop: Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?
Read about why puppies eat poop and how to stop puppies eating poop in this article about eating poop. Learn 10 tips to stop your puppies and dogs from eating poop in this puppies.About.com article by puppies guide Amy Shojai on eating poop.

Strange Stuff Puppies Eat
Learn about common but strange stuff that puppies eat in this article about eating dirt, puppies eating grass and other weird items. Learn why puppies eat strange stuff and what to do in this fun article about the weird items puppies manage to eat.

Stop Puppy Chewing
Read these 8 puppy training tips to stop puppy chewing. Learn why puppies chew and how to stop puppy chewing with these 8 puppy training tips.

Stop Puppy Biting - How To Stop Puppy Biting
Read this article about ways to stop puppy biting and learn how to stop puppy biting. This puppy training article about dog behavior problems teaches puppy owners how to stop puppy training and teach bite inhibition in puppies.

Puppies and Music
This article explores puppies and music therapy, and how music can have therapeutic benefit for sick or fearful puppies. Learn about how puppy music can sooth fearful puppy problems, reduce separation anxiety and noise phobias.

Dog Bites: Prevent Dog Bites
Read this article about dog bites, how to prevent dog bites, and child safety around puppies and dogs. Learn how to prevent dog bites and what to teach children about safety with these 9 tips for preventing dog bites.

Dangerous Dogs

Scary Noises
Read this 11 tips about solving your puppy's thunder phobia and fireworks fears. Learn ways to relieve your scared puppy fears of loud noises with this article about easing thunder fear and fireworks noises.

Scared Puppy
Read this article about scared puppies to learn what puppy fear looks like and what you can do. Learn why your scared puppy acts like a fearful dog in this article about fear.

Puppy Barking
Read this article about puppy barking and 10 tips to stop puppy barking. Learn how to teach your puppy barking limits in this article that explains why puppies bark and how to stop puppy barking.

Crying Puppy: Puppy Sounds
Read this article about crying puppies and puppy sounds to learn about dogs communication and puppy vocal language. Learn to understand puppy barks, yelps, whines and howls in this article about understanding puppy vocal language.

Tail Wagging: How to Speak Dog
Read this puppies article about dog language and what tail wagging means to learn how to speak dog. Tail wagging is part of puppy dog communication, and these tips help owners understand tail wagging dog language.

Puppy Body Language
Read this article about dog body language and puppy language to learn about dog communications. Learn how dogs communicate in this puppy language article about silent dog body language.

Why Dogs Roll
Read this article to learn why dogs roll in poop. Learn why puppies and dogs like to roll in dead animals, poop, and stinky stuff.

Submissive Urination
This article explains dog wetting and puppy submissive urination and how to deal with canine submissive urination. Learn how to stop your puppy's submissive urination with these tips for dealing with dog excitement urination.

Dog Marking
This article explains dog marking behavior, and how dog communication uses dog leg lifting to communicate with scent. Understand how dog marking behavior is different than puppy potty training accidents in this article about dog scent communication.

Puppy Play: How Puppies Play
Learn the 4 major kinds of puppy play, and when to stop inappropriate play in this article by puppies.About.com guide Amy Shojai, CABC about how puppies play. Read how puppies play in this article describing normal puppy play and problem puppy play behaviors.

Calming Signals
Read this dog communication article about canine calming signals to learn how to calm a dog down. Learn about 14 canine calming signals and how to calm a dog down in this article about dog communication and the language of dogs.

How To Talk To Puppies
Learn how to talk to a dog in this article about effective dog communication. Understand puppy communication, body language, vocalization and calming signals to learn ways to talk to a dog in this article about dog communication.

Puppy Talk, Behavior Basics & Training Tips
These articles about training puppies and dog behavior translates dog communication to help owners solve and prevent puppy behavior problems. Learn puppy training basics with these articles about puppy potty training, dog communication and solving dog behavior problems by puppies.About.com guide and certified dog behavior consultant Amy Shojai.

Puppy Digging
Read this article about puppy digging to learn why puppies dig and how to stop puppy from digging. This article from Puppies Guide Amy Shojai provides 10 ways to stop puppy from digging.

Puppy Jumping
Learn why puppies jump up and how to stop a puppy from jumping in this article about puppy jumping. This article about puppy jumping explains why puppies jump up and how to stop dog jumping.

Puppy Separation Anxiety
Learn about puppy separation anxiety and how to relieve your puppy's separation behaviors in this article about separation anxiety. This article explains puppy separation anxiety, common dog separation behaviors, and provides tips how to relieve upset puppy feelings when your puppy is left alone.

Stop Puppy Chasing
Learn why puppies chase cars, bicycles and cats and how to stop the chase. This article explains puppy chasing and how to deal with inappropriate dog chasing behavior.

How To Express Anal Glands
Learn about puppy scooting behavior and how to express anal glands in this article by Puppies Guide Amy Shojai, CABC. This article explains puppy scooting behavior, anal glands, and offers step by step instructions how to express your puppy's anal glands.

Puppies Emotions: Guilt and Shame
Read this article about dogs emotions for insight into dog shame and your guilty dog. Learn whether canine emotions include shame or guilt in this article that explains why your puppy looks and acts guilty.

Why Puppies Eat Grass
Learn about why puppies eat grass in this article about dogs eating grass. This article explains what's happening when dogs eat grass and if it's normal and when to call the veterinarian about grass eating and vomiting.

Drinking from Toilet
Learn why toilet dogs are drinking from toilets in this article about puppies drinking out of the toilet. This article offers 8 reasons puppies drink from toilets.

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