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Amy Shojai

Animal Attacks!

By January 8, 2013

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raccoonThis morning during our regular morning ramble, Magical-Dawg met this little critter. We live on about 13 acres but within the city limits, and I've seen raccoons before--at night, when under cover of darkness, they raided the hummingbird feeder and drank 'em dry.

But this housecat-size youngster sat in the middle of the field, unprotected, in broad daylight. And didn't move when Magic raced across the field to check him out. He just arched his back, hissed, and made growly noises and THANK GOODNESS no contact was made.

Fortunately, Magic listened to me and came when called (though he didn't want to!). I've meant to write about animal attacks and critter contact before. So this was the perfect opportunity to offer some tips and cautions about what can happen and how to protect your puppies.

Sure, Magic is much larger than a raccoon--but your puppy isn't. On top of that, raccoons are notorious for carrying diseases like rabies. Don't think you're safe because you live in the city, either, the critters are everywhere! Check out my latest article for more information about what you need to know about animal attacks and protecting puppies.

UPDATE! Dallas, Texas animal control has reported an epidemic of distemper in raccoons in North Texas. Infected raccoons don't have to bite your puppy to transmit the illness and the virus can remain contagious in the environment for many weeks. Please be sure your puppies are protected with vaccinations!

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