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Amy Shojai

Puppy Abscess

By June 14, 2012

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German shepherd with swollen faceThree weeks ago, I suddenly noticed that the Magical-Dawg had a lopsided face, and I suspected he'd developed an abscess. Abscesses are pockets of infection that develop when germs become trapped beneath the skin and fester. Anything that breaks the skin can cause an abscess--but Magic had a "sterile abscess" with no wound. Dogs aren't affected nearly as often as cats--wouldn't you know that my dog would be the exception!

Most times, pet owners don't notice any problem until the area becomes hot, red and swells, or the pet begins to limp on a sore leg. Pets can develop fevers of 104 to 106 degrees from an abscess. Once it ruptures, an abscess drains bloody, yellow or even green smelly pus.

With Magic, he had only a slight fever, the site wasn't painful, and had almost no pus. But the vet exam included inserting a needle to see just what was going on in there and sure enough, it was an abscess. He's since nearly recovered after 10 days worth of antibiotics and minor surgery at the vet. Abscesses typically are not dangerous but when painful, they can be very difficult to treat at home. Check out the latest article to learn more about what to watch for, how to treat--and how to prevent--abscess in your puppy.

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